Funding Allows Study Measuring Sandy’s Impact on Wetlands to Commence

Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute Receives National Grant to Replace Monitoring Equipment Damaged By Hurricane Sandy

The New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) is pleased to announce that the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI) and its university partners have received a $90,000 National Science Foundation Grant to replace field monitoring stations in the Meadowlands District destroyed by Hurricane Sandy so that scientists can study the storm’s effect on methane and carbon emissions in the region’s wetlands.

MERI is the scientific and technological arm of the NJMC.

“This funding will enable MERI and fellows from Princeton and Rutgers Universities to conduct important research to help determine the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the District’s sensitive urban ecosystem,” said Marcia Karrow, Executive Director of the NJMC. “The Commission is pleased that MERI and its partners was able to secure this grant so quickly after the storm.”

The new monitoring equipment is expected to be in place by spring and will measure the amount of harmful methane and carbon emissions from coastal wetlands that can impact the region’s contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. The results will provide a unique baseline to compare the release rates of these greenhouse gases during large storm events and for years to come.

The new equipment will also allow the resumption of a carbon sequestration study that could help scientists establish methods to combat greenhouse gas emissions. For the past four years the NJMC and Rutgers University have been measuring the capability of urban, tidal wetlands to capture and contain carbon.


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