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Five ways to keep on track while traveling for business

When corporate travelers are polled about the stresses of business travel, “interrupted health and wellness routines” always makes the “Top Five” list.

Since AVE Clifton specializes in furnished accommodations for those who are away from home for work for 30 days or more, the team is privy to the pain points of temporary housing like poor eating habits and interrupted fitness routines.

“Our lifestyle is designed to create a seamless transition for our resident from home life and back again,” explains Lea Anne Welsh, president of AVE. “That is why our suites feature fully equipped kitchens so our residents can cook healthy meals and why we have a 24-hour comprehensive fitness center on site so residents can work out at home.”

AVE Clifton also offers health and wellness classes like Yoga by the pool and partners with health and fitness experts in the community like Marc Ronches, owner of NJ Fitness Factory in Bloomfield and Montclair.

Ronches recently shared some fitness tips for the road warrior—five ways professionals can maintain their health and wellness routines while away from home on business.

  1. Carry snacks

To keep the metabolism racing so it can burn fat, it must stay fueled.

“When I think about the metabolism, I visualize a steam train. These trains required someone to manually shovel coal into a fire to produce steam to power the engine,” Ronches explains. “The metabolism is the fire, and food is the coal that keeps the fire burning.”

He recommends stowing the following snacks in a zip lock back for easy access:

-1 apple and a handful of almonds

-1/2 banana and a spoonful of peanut butter

-1 rice cake with almonds or peanut butter

-1 plain Greek yogurt

-celery sticks with hummus

  1. Set goals, write them down and find a friend

Before leaving home, sit down and determine how many days you typically work out, how many days you will be away, set goals and then create a schedule.

“Write it all down,” Ronches advises. “Putting it to paper will increase your odds of doing it.”

If you are traveling with colleagues, ask them how they maintain their health and wellness routines while away from home. If traveling solo, mingle with neighbors in public areas or at events like AVE Clifton’s monthly Resident Reception and find a fitness friend.

“Commit to a certain number of buddy workouts and hold each other to it!” Ronches recommends.

  1. Eat healthier business meals

“Many restaurants now offer healthy options. Instead of a burger and fries, order a salad with grilled chicken or shrimp,” Ronches suggests. “Instead of having two or three drinks at dinner, have one or none.”

These smart eating decisions will have a great impact, especially if you travel often.

  1. Try interval training

“Doing interval training three times a week for 9 to 12 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but it will certainly keep your metabolism revved up while you’re away,” Ronches explains.

Here is a sample treadmill workout:

-Walk quickly for 5 minutes to warm-up.

-Jog/run for 45 seconds at a speed you can really only sustain for that time.

-Walk slowly for 1 minute to get your heart rate down slightly and to catch your breath before the next interval.

-Repeat the run/walk interval for six rounds.

“The total workout time is really only 11 minutes, but that’s all you need to ensure you’re burning calories, as long as the intensity is there,” Ronches says.

  1. Get outside

There’s a good chance you will be cooped up in meetings all day, so get some fresh air after hours or on the weekends.

“Going walking, running, or biking around your neighborhood is a great way to stay fit and get to know a new area,” Ronches says. “Take advantage of your accommodation’s outdoor fitness classes and amenities like Yoga by the pool and the new AVE Bike Share program at AVE Clifton.”

 By Ashley J. Cerasaro a Communications Specialist at AVE.




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