The Counter: Customize & Create with Florenz Morisset

The Counter brings innovative burger concept to the area

Hello. We’re The Counter. We’re on a mission to challenge the way people think about burgers. That’s why we started this place. We’re about creative construction. Making things delicious. We think life should be about experiences. Trying stuff. Learning. Being inventive. So we’ve searched for ingredients, chosen quality meats, created sauces, toasted buns, melted cheeses and crafted shakes that shout flavor. Show us what you’ve got. Create something special. We’re with you.

Step into The Counter and you’re greeted with a clipboard and an extensive list of fresh chef inspired mouth-watering ingredients that allow you to build your own gourmet burger. The 1,000,000+ different burger combinations make every burger as unique as each customer. The Counter is the 21st century’s bold answer to the classic burger joint.

Ushering in a fresh era of industrial decor, today’s music, cold craft beer, unique wines, cocktails, and burger options that are only limited by your imagination.

About the Chef

My name is Florenz Morisset. I  was born and raised in Haiti and came to the United States in when I was 13 years old right when I was about to start high school. I did not know a word of English and was scared because I was leaving everything I knew behind and had to adapt to a new culture. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have a father and mother that embraced me from day one, and provided the support that I needed to develop into the man I am today.

I have 2 brothers and 1 sister whom I love dearly, and I am recently married with a beautiful wife and a wonderful little boy. I graduated from Union High School in 2004 with plans of becoming an Accountant, but quickly learned that my passion was being a chef.

My first job was with Applebee’s and worked for them for 8 years. Later, I worked at TGI Friday’s, Cheesecake Factory, Miller’s Ale House and a few other concepts, but not one of those experiences compare to the passion I have when I am working at The Counter. Why? Because the endless combinations of each and every customer’s “Build Your Own” order is exciting and fun to make from the time the restaurant opens to the time we close!

Questions for chef:

1) When did you know you wanted to be a chef?  

I started cooking when I turned 17 right after graduating high school.  I only did it to put myself through college.  After spending 2 years in school and working full time,  tuition became too much and the lack of financial aid so I had to leave school for a year and focused just on working. After 2 years of doing so I realized how much I loved it so I decided not to return to school and right then and there I knew that is what I wanted to do for a living.

2) What is your favorite burger at The Counter? What toppings and sauces in particular do you recommend?

My favorite burger at the Counter is The Counter burger, reason being is because of the nice caramelized mushrooms, fried onion strings and the great taste of sharp provolone cheese make for a great tasting burger. It happens to be my favorite burger to make. I recommend the red relish sauce and the pineapple as a topping, because when you combine the two together with a medium well burger, you will enjoy every single bite of it.

3) What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

My favorite dish to make is Jambalaya and shrimp scampi because I love pasta and love rice.

4) What is the inspiration behind the food at The Counter?

The inspiration behind the counter is the passion that we have for what we do and love waking up making great food and bringing it to our guests and hoping that they enjoy it as much as we enjoy preparing it.

5) What do you do to ensure the quality of the food going out to your customers?

As far as food quality goes, I take no short cuts and hold all my cooks to that same level. My parents always told me to lead by example and as a leader all eyes are always on you so I believe that taking the time to make each dish and going that extra mile to ensure quality is never compromise.

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