Verizon Offers Tools & Powerful Solutions for Protecting Your Business

Verizon Offers Tools and Powerful Solutions 

As a global leader delivering innovation in communications and information, Verizon provides one of the most reliable and sustainable networks to meet growing demands for increased broadband, video and voice services. With a rapidly growing business environment, it is critical to provide the technology and infrastructure for businesses to safeguard and protect critical information.

As you develop and grow your business every day, a tremendous amount of sensitive data is collected and passed through various networks across the country and around the world—data that is potentially vulnerable to phishing, identity theft or computer failure. Often small businesses are not as vigilant about cyber security and assume breaches only happen to large higher profile corporations. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through cloud computing, social networks, ecommerce and smart devices, the risk grows for small businesses as does concern.

Cyber attacks decrease profitability 

Cybercriminals target small businesses looking to gather sensitive data, including personal information about your customers. Cyber attacks are a threat to your business and livelihood.

More than half of the U.S. small businesses have experienced at least one data breach, according to the Ponemon Institute, a research firm that conducts research on privacy, data protection and information security policy.

Attacks such as spam, email viruses, phishing and web-based malware can have a profound impact on your business and decrease profitability.  As a small business owner, you want peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is safe and well-protected.  When tenants occupy your building or customers sign up to do business with you, they want to know that you are protecting their personal information.

October is national cyber security awareness month 

Don’t let October pass you by without taking the time to review your cyber security plan. Evaluate or reevaluate how you are safeguarding your critical information and protecting your business. This should be an integral part of your business and how you operate on a daily basis. Ideally, businesses should incorporate security into their culture so that it is second nature and ultimately increases customer confidence and protects your business.

Let Verizon partner with you to help develop the building blocks of your overall cyber security plan. Verizon offers a host of data security services that may be right for your business. In addition to voice, Internet and TV service, Verizon’s portfolio includes:

Verizon Internet Security Suite:  Helps defend your network against viruses and malware to keep vital information from hackers.  Manages online tracking and scans outgoing communications and restricts Internet access to inappropriate sites.

Verizon Online Backup and Sharing:  Stores your business’ financial or customer data so it can be retrieved in the event of an unforeseen natural disaster, computer crash, known viruses and theft.  To protect your data from these events, files are automatically backed up to remote servers and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.  This allows your business to streamline costs by reducing the need for in-house storage.

Verizon Security & Back Up Bundle:  Putting the two together in a bundle offers the complete solution to  provide your business with both security in knowing your information is protected from cyber threats and that your company’s vital information is secure in the cloud.

Verizon understands that your computer system and information are paramount to your business and we want to ensure you have the tools available to protect your hard work and information. To learn more on how Verizon can help your business contact, Richard Martin at 201-712-9419 or email at

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