Field Station: Dinosaurs Announces Final Season at Current Location

Looks to the future to continue showcasing the prehistoric past

The world-class, famous attraction, Field Station: Dinosaurs is preparing to relocate after their fourth year at their current location in Laurel Hill Park of Secaucus.

Field Station: Dinosaurs is set against the beautiful scenery of the New Jersey Meadowlands, creating a “real life” atmosphere for all who come to experience this exhibit.  Thanks to the luminous engineering, over 30 life-size, realistic dinosaurs come to life in front of the spectators’ eyes.

The history of each dinosaur is brilliantly displayed on 20 acres of wild life, an unpredictable and mysterious trail creating a thrilling feeling for the adventurers throughout their trip of prehistoric time.

However, this authentic life experience is coming to a pause after this season. Guy Gsell, a renowned educator and adventurer, is the President and Chief Executive Producer at Field Station: Dinosaurs.

“We wanted to make our last season in Secaucus extra special, and to do that, we have brought in some really fun, new shows, hands-on activities and a new baby T-Rex,” said Gsell. “This is our fourth season at this current location, and our goal is to have a new location picked out by this Labor Day and open at our new location Memorial Day, 2016.”

Field Station: Dinosaurs is a family-friendly environment, and open to the public as well as field trips for schools to partake in.

“We open in April for schools so they can hold field trips,” said Gsell. “Then we open for the public on Memorial Day and are open through Labor Day weekend.”

With interactive workshops, games and activities for students to enjoy, they are able to gain a clearer understanding of the prehistoric past.

“Along with the 40 shows provided by Field Station, we participate in a state wide public library crawl promoting the summer reading program for kids across New Jersey,” said Gsell.

Field Station: Dinosaurs has become an affordable attraction for all to come to learn and have fun.

“We have even lowered prices and created an ‘anytime’ ticket to make visiting us even easier and more convenient than ever before,” said Gsell.

Day passes to the attraction are now only $15.00 and a new “anytime ticket” can be used any day throughout the 2015 season. In addition to the passes, the town of Secaucus has courteously lowered the environmental fee for parking to only $5.00, making Field Station: Dinosaurs more affordable than ever.

In the middle of all the fun and excitement is the curiousness about dinosaurs. Families and students will share in an action-packed day of fun and learning while being “awed” by our world’s past.

Anthony Schifano is a full time student at Ramapo College of New Jersey working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications.  He can be reached at

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