Safety is an Investment: Improve Your Workplace

Safety Programs/training/committees should always be viewed as an investment, therefore, subject to measurable results analysis.

A properly administered Safety Perception Survey will provide the measureable “objectives” for achieving the “goal” of a safe workplace.

Safety perception surveys allow management to:

  • Evaluate employee and management perceptions of the existing safety program
  • Identify behaviors, attitudes and other factors that can hinder safety program outcomes
  • Provide management with valid leading indicator safety metrics
  • Effectively incorporate safety into the improvement process
  • Increase employee engagement and morale
  • Motivate your organization to find gaps, develop an action plan and make positive changes

What is a safety perception survey?

The survey is designed to capture perceptions of management and employees on a broad spectrum of elements that contribute to successful safety management.

Personnel who participate in the survey are asked to indicate their level of agreement or disagreement with a variety of safety and work-related statements. Survey participants reply, using a five-point scale, from strongly agree to strongly disagree. These responses generate comparative percentile values.

The findings from the survey should be used for making safety program improvements. The comparative percentile scores aid in establishing improvement priorities, and tailor improvements to safety program subgroups with low scores.

The data can be compared to prior survey results to measure and identify trends in safety perceptions.

Safety perception survey tips

When developing your Safety Perception Survey, consider the following:

Survey questions: Statements in the survey may present either a positive or negative description or perception of the safety program. For example, “Good teamwork exists within our department” is a positive item, while “Safety takes a back seat to performing duties” is a negative item.

Share the results: The results represent the perceptual context, within which the safety program and those who manage it are viewed by its personnel. Accordingly, where the Safety Perception Survey indicates problems, we suggest that each problem be verified, its nature defined, and the management system inadequacies that produce each problem be located and eliminated.For ease of analysis and in order to compare items and rank order their average response scores, all statements should be construed as positive. A higher average response score then indicates a more favorable response than a lower average response score, and items can be compared as apples to apples.

The survey participants will value your candor and respect your honesty.

Safety perception surveys are a powerful tool for understanding and benchmarking your company’s march towards world-class safety performance!

Sunny Corona is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Consultant with over 30 years of experience working with small and global size companies. She is a managing member of Custom Safety Services, LLC, a full service safety consulting company. Sunny and her partner provide on-site, customized employee training and OSHA compliance services (including written programs) for employers covered by the OSHA “1910-General Industry” safety standards. Sunny can be reached at (201) 703-6966 or

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