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Self-described as the “best kept secret” in software solutions, Gehtsoft is going public—well, they are seeking a more public platform for their custom software solutions business. As always, the privately held company, based in Paramus, New Jersey, holds client information and innovations in the highest level of confidence.

“We have been able to establish high levels of trust and intimacy with our clients, because we work with them to create solutions for their business needs,” says Ivan Gekht, chief executive officer of Gehtsoft USA. “We do not provide typical solutions, because often no typical solution exists.”

With approximately 100 employees in the United States and Russia, Gehtsoft’s competitive advantage is that customers interact with project managers and business analysts personally on East Coast time, while receiving competitive pricing from overseas developers. However, Gehtsoft, which is incorporated in New Jersey, manages their own employees in these locations or only works with long-term partners who are all verified and managed by Gehtsoft project managers.

Gehtsoft has the capacity to bid on any software clients would typically outsource because they offer local project management expertise while operating the facilities that do the development work.

“Usually, clients know they need something, but they are not sure what exactly that is. We work with them to determine what those requirements are,” says Emmet Ryder, director of marketing at Gehtsoft. “Our high-level business analysts create highly detailed functional specifications, which becomes the blueprint for subsequent actions.”

These functional specifications documents detail exactly what the software is supposed to do and provide specific instructions for the software engineers, developers and coders to follow. The document becomes the client’s property and can be used to gather bids from competitors even.

“Clients get ‘exactly what they asked for’ but we help determine what their needs really are to create this document. Sometimes, our clients will take the specs to someone else, but they usually return,” says Mr. Gekht. “We understand the nature of the business. Our business fixes problems. We do not fix bad code, but program from scratch. And still, we remain competitive in the field.”

Operating with complete transparency, the project managers and business analysts provide in-depth analysis, based on cooperation with the clients and a full understanding of the project. Gehtsoft’s highly trained and experienced software designers and architects deliver quality software products with a guarantee of satisfaction.

Throughout the development process, close communication, agile collaboration and shared prototyping allow customers to make sure every detail is addressed and preview applications at the earliest stages of development—reducing time and costs. Comprehensive documentation, instructions and customer support are provided through every step.

Partnership and collaboration are essential to Gehtsoft’s business. For example, Gehtsoft started to work with Forex Capital Markets LLC (FXCM) when they were a company with two dozen people. A decade later, FXCM has grown to several hundred employees, and Gehtsoft is still working with them to develop a variety of client-facing and back-end solutions.

These solutions feature a variety of technologies, from simple mobile applications to enterprise-level business solutions, both on Windows and Unix-based platforms—and have expanded as the needs of the company and the tools to address them evolved.

“The problem with a business like ours is the outsourcing environment and on-the shelf solutions convince people there is a ready solution, and yet, every business has its own criteria,” says Ivan. “How do we address this? We partner with our clients to determine their needs and manage our own employees. This allows us to compete on price, but over-deliver on quality and assurance.”

Consulting firms often work with multiple outsourcing agencies with varying degrees of control. Gehtsoft operates its own developers and programmers, guaranteeing a level of quality, customer interaction, oversight and service, while maintaining competitive costs.

Another obstacle is the inherent secrecy associated with innovation.

“If a company has an original business idea, they might try to develop it in-house first or not reveal all the details in the first rounds of discussion,” says Mr. Gekht. “We share a level of trust with our clients where we become partners in developing new solutions and technology. However, we know we have to earn that trust. And we do that through hard work and communication, showing them results and delivering ahead of expectations.”

Gehtsoft is committed to excellence and holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification, an intensive process which demonstrates a commitment to industry standards and consistency. During a two-year review, ISO agents verify certain protocols are followed project management criteria are met. The certification is an industry guideline on how to be organized to achieve levels of quality control, compliance and continual improvement of products.

ISO certification requires renewal approximately every two years, since procedures evolve. Firms committed to ISO need to demonstrate that their practices have evolved with the requirements.

Although Gehtsoft has a certain humility in not overstating all they do, there is certainly pride in their name. It’s a family business with a commitment to quality and a legacy of innovative solutions. Originally a father-son business, Gehtsoft USA is now owned and operated by brothers Nikolay and Ivan Gekht. Ivan is the chief executive officer based in the Paramus, New Jersey office, which hosts marketing, sales and support; while Nikolay, the managing partner, is in charge of the technical development center in Cary, North Carolina.

Both brothers are graduates of Omsk State Technical University. Employees, most of whom also hold advanced programming and engineering degrees/certifications, enjoy great benefits, long tenures and low turnover. Some of the original project managers who started with the company in Omsk in 2000 remain with the company, either back in Russia or in management roles in the New Jersey and North Carolina offices.

In 2008, Gehtsoft moved to the United States and is committed to the communities it serves. The company recently joined the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce and the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce to connect with their customers in the financial, technological, pharmaceutical and other industries, as well be part of the greater business population.

Gehtsoft USA delivers custom software applications across all platforms. The company targets anyone who needs custom solutions and works with small to large companies, even investing in innovative companies where the software solutions were irresistible. For more information on how Gehtsoft can create custom software solutions for your company, contact Gehtsoft USA, www.gehtsoftusa.com or (201) 820-1281.

Pamela Tully is a freelance writer, editor and marketing professional. She can be reached at pmtully@gmail.com.

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