How to amplify employee motivation & involvement

Picture the most passionate professionals you work with. What varieties of individuals appear in your mind? Pros eager to uncover new information? Achievement drivers? People who welcome extra assignments?

Behold, your most immersed personnel. These professionals launch the firm headfirst into boundless, affluent opportunity. A multitude of industries contain only a few of these special producers. Hence, how can you craft a culture that preserves and comforts engaged employees?

A 2013 Gallup study discovered that 29 percent of U.S. workers believed they were thoughtfully active in an establishment, while 54 percent categorized themselves as relatively detached, meaning they appear at work but are not stimulated. These disengaged workers branded their stances as displeased and disconnected from their firm’s overall success. Congruently, 18 percent deemed they were enormously disengaged—defiant through criticizing and complaining—ultimately spiraling the firm and its bottom line.

It is crucial to conserve a modest objective to fuel employee success. Thus, your ambition is to assist workers in unearthing individual and organizational victory, which in turn will fashion an exceptional atmosphere composed of inspiration and unwavering commitment.

Professionals are propelled by intrinsic drivers—fastened to passion and embracing a firm sense of determination, independence, education and vision. Extrinsic drivers implement elevations in salary and bonuses.

To sprout and uphold a highly-stimulated workforce that supports steadfast contentment through opportunities, training and constructive criticism, follow these guidelines:

  • Provide commanding projects to drive employees to improve their competences
  • Provide flexibility on concluding an approach to certain tasks
  • Harmonize workers with regions of influence and partiality
  • Provide professional feedback on direction and association of novel assignments
  • Inform employees on their importance and impact on the firm
  • Find ways to assist workers in building connections with their colleagues

How do you characterize success? Examine the results with workers. Solutions (intrinsic drivers) can be used to calculate promotions (extrinsic drivers).

Corporations fixated on extrinsic incentives burden teams to bill more hours by rewarding top producers. Corporations that concentrate on intrinsic incentives—but do not present habitual company values—typically generate excessive employee discontentment and turnover. A business that integrates a fusion of these two benefits is most fruitful at piloting workers and producing a constant cultural setting of encouraged staff that will contribute to inclusive corporate evolution.

Kim Bustamante is director of operations for Wiss & Company, LLP where she is responsible for resource management, technology and culture-keeping at the firm. Reach her at or 973.994.9400.

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