Google Chrome Now Calls Out Non-Secure Websites

Google recently became stricter with website security, now marking an information icon next to the web address instead of the green lock for pages that do not have SSL certificates.

This is a recent change from Google that is impacting all businesses whose website wasn’t already encrypted.

Here’s what to do

Go to your website from Google Chrome and see if your Green Lock Secure Website Icon is there.  If you have the information icon, don’t worry!  There is a way to resolve this so Google will stop flagging your websites. Notify your website developer that your website needs an SSL certificate.

Getting an SSL certificate

If you are a nonprofit, you can get SSL sertificates from TechSoup starting at $25. Let’s Encrypt is an option that provides free SSL Certificates (must be renewed every 3 months).

Any website hosting service you are using (like GoDaddy, 1n1, BlueHost, DreamHost, etc.) will have SSL Certificates available for you to purchase and apply to your domain. These paid SSL Certificates range from 1 – 3 years and start at $50/year. Some webhosting services provide free SSL Certificates if you host with them, so be sure to check your hosting service!

Nina Johnson is ‎Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Singularity LLC ( She also serves as co-chair of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber’s Technology Committee.

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