T.M. Rybak & Associates Celebrates 30 Years

T.M. Rybak and Associates, P.C. (TMR) is an independent company and has been in the architecture industry since 1986. They have been headquartered in Rutherford since 1994 and have successfully operated out of the location since. Tom Rybak started the company and is celebrating their 30-year anniversary. TMR over the years, has solidified their position in the area by continuously providing one of the best of many architectural services.

They not only possess experience in only architecture, but also with engineering, planning, interior design and design/build. Some of the projects and designs that the firm specializes in, ranges from commercial and corporate to multi-family and residential. This reaffirms that no job is too big or too small for TMR.

They are an award-winning firm that is licensed in seventeen states in the U.S. and carefully manage every step along the way that comes with the job, from preliminary outlines to energy efficiency. TMR makes sure that the whole project is unique, that is one of the reasons that sets them apart from everybody else. At TMR, they use environmental awareness, in-depth technical and design expertise to transform their idea or their client’s into reality.

TMR works with clients in the private and public sectors of the industry. They have extensive experience with international, federal, state and municipal clients. Their services are not limited by any means, as they are well-versed with experience in the industry. TMR not only handles minor renovations or alterations from code mandates, they also do program alternatives, and/or facilities maintenance to new and proposed facilities.

The staff is only six people, but they have been providing quality service for three decades. TMR has been putting their customers first since they opened their doors in 1986. Their long-time commitment to customer satisfaction has sustained relationships with former clients and upholds their stellar reputation.

Raising the architectural bar in customer service

T.M. Rybak and Associates, P.C. specializes in the private and public sectors of the industry. They have dealt with various experiences with international, federal, municipal and state projects. TMR’s skills shouldn’t be generalized as only an architecture company, they possess skills in multiple fields of construction and design.

The clients that go to TMR are treated just like family. Having the same small but efficient staff has its benefits, all the clients will remember you and the quality service you provide. TMR offers initial project programming through ribbon-cutting ceremonies, they could be involved the whole project depending on what you are looking for.

The current staff at TMR has select members that are fluent in either Polish, Portuguese or Spanish. Their versatile and bi-lingual staff members are one of the reasons why the company does so well with their clientele. Having staff that can speak to people that are fluent in another language, that isn’t English, is enormously beneficial. TMR has a reach in the market where certain customers may not be fluent in English, which allows them to capitalize on that opportunity. By being able to communicate with them when their competition is only fluent in only English.

The TMR members are not only experienced and diversified. They each bring a certain skill to the table and make sure that the client’s vision is carried out for a low-cost. Rybak alone has over 25-years of practice and is always trying to save his client’s money. He firmly believes in a hands-on, whole-project approach combined with in technical expertise & environmental awareness in all aspects of design and construction.

According to Design Intelligence’s Almanac of Architecture and Design in 2016, there are 608 architecture and 329 interior design firms in New Jersey. However, what separates TMR from the other competition, could be Rybak’s direct involvement in each project. He oversees it, to make sure it meets his standards and if there is any way to reduce the cost. Rybak doesn’t rush through any project just to meet a deadline, they make sure that it is pristine and is a fine visual representation of the company’s name.

Reflecting on some of TMR’s accomplishments

Rybak has been continuously involved with local projects in the New Jersey area. In 2012, Rybak told Rich Fritzky of Meadowlands USA, “We have been working on various medical facilities throughout New Jersey and on a number of renovations and upgrades locally in what is our Meadowlands regional backyard.”

Some of the local commercial and corporate jobs they have done are, the New Jersey Devil’s Prudential Center, Mignon Steakhouse and Grill, various AAA branch locations and the Meadowlands Racetrack. With a small but efficient staff, they are able to tackle any size project and turn the blueprints into the real deal. Their exceedingly well-known reputation and top-notch service has attracted clients from all over New Jersey and even other nearby states.

A few of the out of state jobs they have done are, the AAA Whitestone branch in Queens, New York, Five Points Mall in Marion, Indiana and the Friendship Center in Ocala, Florida. TMR’s undeniable success and quality services, also led to securing a blanket contract with UBS Paine Webber. PaineWebber is the fourth-largest United States brokerage firm and recently merged with UBS, A.G., a prevalent Swiss bank.

The blanket contract that they acquired from UBS PaineWebber guarantees that TMR will build all branch office’s work for the eastern and southern regions of the United States. They already built the main headquarters in New York City (377,700 square-feet) and have built in other various nearby locations. Additionally, the others projects were in Rochester NY, Hunt Valley MD, Rumson NJ, Iselin NJ (16,000 sf), Westfield NJ, Short Hills NJ, 200 Park Ave NYC (12,500 sf), Paramus NJ (8,240 sf), Weehawken NJ (751,700 sf), and the Weehawken Trading Floor (30,000 sf).

The future of TMR and their community involvement

Rybak has constantly been involved with the local community, whether it be for a role for an organization or undergoing a project. Rybak is a current member on the board of advisors for the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce. TMR is also involved with Downtown New Jersey, an organization that helps provide resources for anything that involves the improvement if the downtown areas in New Jersey.

Rybak and the other TMR staff members will continue to push forward with the quality services they provide to their clients. The reputation and company that Rybak has built is proof of what he and his staff members can accomplish. Since 1986, TMR managed to expand from a local New Jersey office, to being able to conduct business in seventeen states in the United States. Not many architectural companies can say that, if any at all.

By Rich Fritzky, retired President & CEO of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber and founding editor of Meadowlands USA.

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