The Types of Videos You Can Make & Use Right Now

So you have either heard all the hype about using video to strengthen your online presence and want to get started, or maybe you are already using video but want to bolster the variety of what you are producing and publishing. You know that keeping your content fresh keeps people engaged and consuming your content!

No matter where you are on the video publishing spectrum, it’s good to not only publish as many videos as you can, but to also produce as many types of videos as you can.

If either getting started or generating more videos has been challenging, consider using these types of videos in your video marketing strategy:

Company Overview Video: The company overview video has a little bit of everything in it: shots of your office or facility, shots of you performing the work you do, either you or a team member discussing the company philosophy, shots of you working with clients, a client testimonial or two, interviews with your staff, some light graphics, and music. A company overview video should give the viewer the best general sense of who you are (as an individual professional or company), what you do, and why someone should consider working with you.

The “Blog Style” Video: These are short, simple videos in which you educate the viewer about a small but relevant aspect of your business. If you are an accountant, you can make a video about why to check yes or no on a certain question on a tax return. If you are an interior designer, you can convey why a certain color might not work for a certain sized space. Actually, the impactful aspect of these videos is not only what you are saying, but how you are conveying it. When watching these videos, viewers are asking themselves, “Do I like her? Does he seem like he knows what he’s talking about? Can I see myself working with her?

Testimonial Videos: Everyone knows that word of mouth is an incredibly effective form of marketing. Testimonial videos are ones that show your clients singing your praises. The most effective testimonial videos use a before/during/after approach: taking the viewer from the problem that the client was experiencing prior to using your company (and all of the negative emotions associated with it) to how well you/your company actually remedied the issue—and then to the resolution, including the positive emotions they now feel as a result of choosing to do business with your company. Once you have the testimonial on video, you will never have to bother that person for another one again!

How To/Instructional Videos: Few types of videos show that you know what you are doing than the “How To” video. These are videos in which you actually show someone how to do something. If you are a caterer, show the viewer how to make your most famous flambé desert. If you are a builder, show us how to install drywall. This type of video can be very influential because it, like the Blog Style Video, accomplishes two important goal: It both demonstrates your expertise and gets your viewer to feel comfortable calling you to set up an appointment with you.

Teach Your Competition: If you want to have a significant impact on your audience, consider producing some “Teach Your Competition” videos. These are ones in which you teach others who do what you do, how you do what you do. How much more of an authority can you be in your field when you publish videos that teach your competitors? Not much, and the clincher on why to produce these videos is that you are not going to care if a single competitor actually sees your videos…they are there to have a positive effect on your potential clients.

New Product or Service Introductions: Do you have a new product or service to sell? Or a new spin on an existing product or service? Put it on video! Be sure to show both how the product or service works and how and why you came up with it.

Case Study Videos: Consider these videos “mini documentaries” of how a project got done from beginning to end. The key difference with these videos vs. a before & after video is that they show, in depth, every aspect of how and why you did what you did to achieve the desired result for the client every step of the way. These videos demonstrate your expertise without coming across too “salesy.”

Before & After Videos: These videos are reserved for your more visual services: auto body, construction/remodeling, weight loss, hair/makeup, etc. A big key with these videos is that you should take the after picture in as similar of a position and lighting to the before picture as possible.

Marketing Event Videos: Whenever there is an event involving your company—whether it be an awards ceremony, a nonprofit fundraiser, a grand opening or an event at which you are giving a presentation, you should have it captured on video to show to your potential clients your involvement in and commitment to your community.

Showcase Related “Sister” Firms: What better way to gain visibility to potential clients than to produce videos in which you interview related companies in your field? Ask them what they do, how they do it and highlight their recent successes. The more they share the video that you produced for them, the more you are exposing your company to clients likely to be in the market for your product or services.

If you have reached this point in this article, you surely know how important it is to utilize video to communicate to your potential clients who you are, what you do and why someone should consider using you. No matter what type of videos you ultimately decide to produce, just keep producing them!

Greg Riccardi is the president and co-owner of Meadowlands Regional Chamber member Video Marketing Group with his wife Keri Riccardi. Having produced his first corporate video in 1996, Greg has assisted hundreds of clients large and small in setting themselves apart from their competition by using video to do so. Greg can be reached at

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