Star Trek Exhibit Coming to Liberty Science Center

Step onto the bridge and navigate a starship. Diagnose a Klingon patient. Make do-or-die command decisions. These are just a few of the engaging challenges offered in Liberty Science Center’s newest premium exhibition, Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience, open Oct. 27, 2017 through May 28, 2018.

In the exhibition, visitors take the part of a cadet in a futuristic “Starfleet Career Day” set in the 26th century. They complete a series of hands-on challenges to discover for what professional role they are best suited in the areas of Command, Engineering, Language, Medical, Navigation and Science. Based on their scores, recorded throughout by an RFID wristband, they are assigned to a specialty for further career development.

Star Trek fans love walking through areas of the ship with its impressive collection of TV show costumes and props. They can see a “real” pair of tribbles, William Shatner’s Admiral uniform from Star Trek: The Movie and Patrick Stewart’s “Robin Hood” outfit from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Then it’s on to enjoy the many hands-on activities and cool technology found in the exhibit. For example, guests can guide up to six Starfleet vessels using Leap Motion hand technology. This cutting edge tool interfaces with a computer to give commends with just the wave of a hand—no mouse or touch screen involved. From inside a 360-dgree holographic projection pyramid, cadets look up to see 3D images of up to six ships, ranging from the original U.S.S. Enterprise to an Intrepid-class cruiser. With just a wave of the hand, they can make the ships change course.

Voice recognition technology allows “cadets” to converse with native Klingon speakers in their native language while in the sick bay, patients await a medical opinion. Guests take out a medical tricorders, review the symptoms, and diagnose the ailments from a list of possible illnesses.

Next cadets try their prowess at phaser target practice where visitors can use three different methods of shooting down targets while avoiding striking non targets.

In the recreation of an iconic test of character and decision making, guests can take the famed Kobayashi Maru test in which they must choose whether to break international law and risk war or save crewmembers aboard a civilian space freighter lying disabled in a “neutral zone.”

Ready to be transported through space? Cadets can step onto the transporter to beam aboard the ship. It makes a great photo opp!

Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience is a premium exhibition available for an additional charge. Guests should be sure to check on the day of their visit as hours change seasonally and on holidays. Closed Mondays from September through March.

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