EZ Ride Provides Public Transit Access To Residential, Office & Retail Developers

EZ Ride shuttle services are providing developers in New Jersey’s Meadowlands Region with a transportation amenity that has allowed them to create communities and attract businesses to areas that had previously been considered undevelopable for decades.

Livingston-based BNE Real Estate Group contacted EZ Ride before it even completed construction on its 316-unit Monarch apartment community in East Rutherford to discuss transportation options that would appeal to professionals who needed an easy daily commute to New York City. It offered similar services for its Waters Edge community in Harrison to the Harrison Path Station that same year. The result: since opening in November 2014, residents of Monarch have taken more than 90,000 shuttle trips to Secaucus Junction, making it one of the most popular shuttle routes in EZ Ride’s fleet.

“The Monarch was kind of an island on Route 3, which left us with the issue of how to attract residents worried about the area’s world-renowned traffic and commuting issues,” said Mr. Cohen. “EZ Ride gave us a turn-key solution to our residents feeling isolated with no access to public transportation.”

BNE pays for EZ Ride’s shuttle program, which runs regularly five days a week at no additional cost to its residents.

“EZ Ride’s mission is to work with municipalities and businesses to provide transportation solutions that reduce the number of cars on the road, and increase mobility for The Region,” said Krishna Murthy, Executive Director for Wood-Ridge, NJ-based EZ Ride. “Developers like BNE are smart to make this investment which is a win-win-win for itself, its residents and the municipalities it builds in.”

Corporate park and retail developers also use EZ Ride’s free shuttles to get residents, office workers, retail employees and shoppers to access public transit including Hartz Mountain which shuttles passengers from Secaucus Junction to its Harmon Cove shopping, office and industrial complex.

Since 2003, EZ Ride shuttles have worked with developers and local government agencies to offer free shuttle services in more than 20 different communities.  It provides an estimated 650,000 rides/year.

For more information about EZ Ride’s Shuttle Services or other transportation, health and safety initiatives, call (201) 939.4242 or visit www.ezride.org.

Founded in 1983, Meadowlands Transportation Brokerage Corporation d/b/a EZ Ride is a non-profit, public private partnership with a mission to implement transportation programs and services that enhance the quality of life, regional mobility, and economic opportunity for both people and businesses, while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in New Jersey. Ryde4Life is one of several programs that EZ Ride manages to promote healthy lifestyle choices for New Jerseyans of all ages.

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