First Pothole Master Comes to the U.S.

HOLES solutions ( is proud to announce the delivery of the first JCB Pothole Master in the United States. Until now, potholes were never repaired properly in the winter. The equipment and process has substantially reduced liability to those that use the services.

The company president traveled to Bauma (the world’s largest trade show in the world) in Munich, Germany and was in awe of the machine. While it appears to be a standard backhoe, it is engineered to maximize the process to remove and prepare a pothole for proper repair. In the winter months a pothole like the one pictured can develop in hours during the winter.

Repair with hot asphalt (a permanent fix), not cold patch.  

Parking lot & road management, all Winter long

The benefits of the equipment and process are that the Pothole Master can mobilize in minutes by driving down the road to its next job and prepare the road or parking lot for a professional repair. Its asphalt and repair crew (which follows with the company) can produce asphalt 24 hours a day. It meets New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) requirements for asphalt on state roads.

The goal is the crew will be in every town in North Jersey at least once a month maintaining the parking lots and streets for its clients.

“We just took delivery of the first machine and have scores of immediate contracts. We are in discussions to purchase more machines,”  President of HOLES Steve Rich

Click here for more information about the program available from HOLES.

About HOLES Infrastructure Solutions

HOLES is the construction division of The Steve Rich Group of Clifton. The company’s vision is to maintain and upgrade clients’ roads, sidewalks and parking lots to help eliminate potential liabilities. Our clients are cities, states, commercial property owners and we subcontract out to general contractors. For more information, visit


Steve Rich, President

(973) 458-1188

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