Shen Yun Awakens Ancient Chinese Arts

Dragons live forever. In Chinese legends, they are beings of glorious purpose, noble and magnificent in deed and in character. Their scales, laden with the light of the heavens, glisten in seas and storms, the stage for grand displays of power.

The ancients spoke of these sacred creatures spreading blessings throughout the land. But as time passed and legends faded, they were nearly forgotten. Relics of a distant era, buried under dust—until a delicate touch brought them back to life. In the morning of a new millennium, Shen Yun Performing Arts has awakened the sleeping myths of old. And the result is nothing short of splendid.

A global sensation

Established in 2006, Shen Yun now tours annually around the world. The New York-based performing arts group has grown from a single company to four—each complete with a dance troupe, singers and a live orchestra. Its performances are grounded in classical Chinese dance, an art form almost as old as China itself.

Twelve years and five continents have seen over 5,000 successful shows at sold-out venues such as Lincoln Center, the Kennedy Center and Palais des Congrès de Paris, among others. What started as a wish to revive traditional Chinese culture has exploded into a global sensation, earning the praise and admiration of art lovers from all walks of life.

Art at its essence

True art does not need translation—its message reaches beyond the boundaries of language and speaks directly to the soul. The very best of authentic Chinese culture—spanning 5,000 years—is skillfully woven into original dance pieces and compositions by Shen Yun’s choreographers and composers. Some are portraits of China’s greatest heroes, like the strategist Zhuge Liang and the woman warrior Mulan. Others paint scenes from folklore and fantasy, from the exploits of the Monkey King to the halls of the Dragon King’s palace.

Each dance is an expression of grace, beauty, and strength—poetry given physical form.

“I am completely enchanted,” said Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent, after seeing Shen Yun in London.

Ancient wonders, modern world

Perhaps the true magic of Shen Yun lies in the fact that it exists at all. In a modern world filled with distractions, we constantly search for moments of beauty and peace. The serenity of the ancients and their words of wisdom have precious few chances to grace us with their presence.

And yet Shen Yun has done all of that and more, in a single show.

We are taken across the meadows and over forests, past forbidding peaks and mysterious depths. We smile at colorful characters, stand strong against our enemies and marvel at the endless beauty of life—free and unfettered.

The ancient Chinese referred to themselves as Children of the Dragon. From their celestial ancestor, they learned to live noble, dignified lives of virtue—lessons that they passed on to their descendants. In a sense, we are all successors of ancient legends. Our roots are from different worlds, but the voices of the past still rest within our souls.

Somewhere in our hearts, a dragon of our own stirs and rises to join the dance upon the grand stage of history.

Jade Zhan is a former professional classical Chinese dancer.

After sold-out shows in January, Shen Yun will perform a limited 12-day run at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center, on Jan 12-21.  Shen Yun will return to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center April 27- May 3, 2018.  Check  

For group tickets, please call: 888-90-shows ext. 125 or Email:

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