Industry Focus: Food Production, Manufacturing & Distribution In The Meadowlands

During the Colonial Period, New Jersey was called the breadbasket colony—an homage to the abundant crops and agriculture it provided. This status continues today in the form of food distribution, production and manufacturing, with the Meadowlands being a central hub for this critical industry. Goya Foods, the largest Hispanic food company in the United States, has been a key player of the Meadowlands’ business community since 1974. In 2015, Goya opened its new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in the Meadowlands industrial area of Jersey City as part of a $250 million investment—and maintained its Secaucus location (previous headquarters) as a distribution hub for the company’s supply chain.

Why do so many food companies choose the Meadowlands to set up shop? Location, infrastructure and workforce. Very often, the food industry relies on same-day deliveries and the Meadowlands places companies right in the heart of the country’s largest, most densely populated metropolis so they have the access to the plentiful market of stores, markets, suppliers, restaurants, businesses, households, etc. This means that an organization located here in the Meadowlands is within a few hours of travel to the entire Northeast Megalopolis—stretching from Boston down to Washington D.C.—which contains over 50 million people. The advanced transit infrastructure and proximity to major Ports also postures the region and facilitates the movement needed for high productivity. Another key selling point for many in the food industry is the Meadowlands convenient access to the over 9,000 farms that call New Jersey home. These assets combined are a major competitive advantage for a fast-paced industry that operates and depends on tight turn-around deliveries.

With the country’s highest concentration of scientists and engineers being here in New Jersey, the Meadowlands is a prime place for businesses in the food flavoring and ingredients industry—and we have many such organizations located here.

Here are a few of the key food industry organizations that operate here in the Meadowlands:

-Allied Beverage Group (Carlstadt)

-Bindi North America, Inc. (Kearny)

-Bylada Foods (Moonachie)

-Caravan Ingredients (East Rutherford)

-Coca Cola (Carlstadt)

-Damascus Bakery Inc. (Clifton)

-Frutarom USA Inc. (North Bergen)

-Goya Foods (Jersey City & Secaucus)

-Grace Kennedy Foods (Moonachie)

-H Mart (Lyndhurst)

-La Fe Foods (Moonachie)

-Megas Yeeros (Lyndhurst)

-Parmalat USA Corporation (Wallington)

-Pechter’s Baking Co. (Harrison)

-Schar USA (Lyndhurst)

-Symrise Inc (Teterboro)

-Star Ravioli Manufacturing Co. (Moonachie)

-Takasago Corporation USA (Teterboro)

-Y International (Lyndhurst)

Incentives for Food Industry:

Manufacturing Equipment and Employment Investment Tax Credit: New Jersey food manufacturers may qualify for a tax credit for the acquisition of equipment and/or for the addition of employees due to equipment investment.

New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) offers technical and management solutions to assist food manufacturing companies become more productive, profitable and globally competitive.

Loans, Loan Guarantees, Bond Financing and More: The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) offers a wide range of programs that provide access to capital to meet the specialized needs of food manufacturing companies, both large and small.

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