Protecting Kids: Everyone’s Business

I am proud to say for over 40 years the Meadowlands Regional Chamber (MRC) has never been afraid to take a leadership position on issues that affect our members and the quality of life in our communities. Our Board of Advisors has debated many an issue and has always thoroughly weighed the ramifications of making statements of advocacy support. Below you will find a statement that we are releasing this morning. We believe the statement is clear and concise and one that we can all rally behind and support.

Should anyone which to discuss further, please feel free to contact me at the Meadowlands Regional Chamber’s headquarters at (201) 939-0707 or by email at

I am extremely proud to be at the helm of an organization that has never reneged on our responsibility to be a leader. I sincerely hope you agree.


Jim Kirkos


Statement By The Meadowlands Regional Chamber:

Business service organizations are typically careful about advocating for social issues for good reason. Our members have a great diversity of perspectives and personal commitments to positions that are outside of the typical business realm. Business groups are correct to focus their advocacy on economic development related initiatives that also build strong communities, however, the Meadowlands Regional Chamber cannot stand silent on one issue that begs for leadership from throughout our society: common sense laws that protect the safety of our children. Seeing our kids senselessly gunned down in our schools is a horrible loss of human potential and is a grave shock that paralyzes every facet of business and our communities.

The MRC, throughout its existence, has advocated for economic development initiatives while always helping to strengthen our communities. So now…”We are proclaiming to public officials from the Meadowlands to Washington DC that…’Protecting Our Kids is Everyone’s Business!’ and that we strongly support initiatives with the objective of keeping our children safe. This is a quality of life statement and the time for definitive action is NOW!

We are witnessing young school children from across America marching on Washington DC and in local town squares to demand action be taken. We support their voice, and we must assure that our children, and frankly our society, can attend their schools and go about life secure with the knowledge that we have done everything we can to protect them.”

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