Rethinking Your PR & Marketing Strategy In 2018

Public Relations (PR) and marketing have changed rapidly over the past five to ten years as people’s consumption habits have changed drastically.

Savvy businesses are seeing how important PR and marketing are in building credibility and goodwill with customers. But when budgets and resources are tight, PR and marketing are often overlooked, with money being shifted towards stronger sales efforts. However, this approach means that you are losing out on a tremendous opportunity to grow your business. PR and marketing strategies done right focus on speaking directly to the needs of your customers.

It’s time to examine your PR and marketing efforts to see if they are in line with your customer’s behaviors. We asked local area experts on what the most significant trends they see in 2018, and nearly everyone agreed that social and digital channels have been the most disruptive trends.

“Social and digital marketing has grown tremendously over the last few years. It is a tool that should be implemented by all businesses looking to reach their customer base. Never before have we seen so many people receiving their news and information through non-traditional media sources like we are seeing today. All businesses—big and small—can incorporate a social and digital component to their marketing campaign, said Richard Levesque, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Public Affairs at MWWPR in East Rutherford.

When thinking about your social and digital efforts, it’s important to think about your full digital footprint. It’s not merely throwing up a Facebook or LinkedIn page and hoping someone stumbles across it. According to Caryl Bixon Gordon, President of Caryl Communications in Paramus, it’s ensuring you have a robust internet profile that includes a strong website as well as content that can be shared with consumers.

When thinking about content, it’s important to look at what type of content and information you are sharing at every stage of the online buyer’s journey. What should potential customers know about your business when they are just starting their research vs narrowing down customers? Are there specific success stories that you can share publicly that will resonate with your target audience?

Content allows you to get more targeted when communicating with your customers. Thanks to robust marketing tools available like Hubspot, Google Analytics and Facebook ad targeting, it’s much easier to personalize your marketing efforts to each audience segment.

Montclair-based Noesis Marketing has been at the forefront of helping their clients personalize campaigns.

“While casting a wide net to appeal to as many companies as possible has been popular for the last several years, there is now a trend in developing marketing targeted to specific customers and treating each one as its own market. This is better known as Account Based Marketing (ABM). ABM kicks off the sales process with higher value personalized emails, blog posts, etc. to get the highest possible ROI,” according to Nina Tucker, President of Noesis Marketing.

The new marketing communications mix has led to specialists needed at nearly every stage of the journey. Successful marketing and PR teams now include analytics experts, media relations specialists, content marketers and social media strategists. With such large teams needed, many businesses find it beneficial to work with an agency partner to help meet its objectives.

Hiring an agency to help with PR and marketing is a great way to maximize your investment and ensure success. But, it’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to agencies. It’s important to find the right firm to match your expectations, fit your culture and working style and accomplish the PR objectives that will move your business forward.

There are many award-winning agencies serving Meadowlands businesses that specialize in one or more of the disciplines of the marketing mix. They have helped local companies large and small to better reach customers.

MWWPR, East Rutherford

MWWPR is an integrated agency with eight offices across the US and UK and a global network of partners. The agency services include consumer marketing, corporate reputation management, government relations, issues management, public affairs campaign management and digital and social media marketing.

MWW represents clients ranging from Fortune 100 to local small businesses. While the firm has grown internationally, it was started in New Jersey giving them a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities available in the state.

Following the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey needed to rebuild and reignite economic interest through tourism and business. With all of the international attention to the damage inflicted, few thought the state would be open for in time for summer tourism—particularly along its famous beaches.

MWW created a public relations program that sought emphasize the fact that more than 85 percent of New Jersey’s beaches were untouched by the storm and were more than open for business. To ensure success beyond simply making a large, initial splash in media and the launch of an ad campaign, MWW created a six-month campaign that reenergized interest in New Jersey beach locations and underscored the excitement, the events, activities, and other highlights that the state tourist destinations had to offer.

Caryl Communications, Paramus

Caryl Communications provides PR services focused on media outreach and placements, events, speaking opportunities and social media. The agency works with clients in the real estate industry including brokers, developers, owners, investors, financial firms, and managers. One of their longest serving clients is Cushman & Wakefield.

Local Caryl Communications clients typically see immediate results from the agency’s PR campaigns in the form of emails, calls and clients. The agency recently worked on a new multi-family property opening in which they placed a story in a major newspaper. The next day, when the client opened the property, he found a line of interested prospects waiting for his arrival to tour the community.

Axiom Communications, Secaucus

Axiom Communications provides integrated marketing services to place-based enterprises within 90 minutes of the Meadowlands. Utilizing a strategic blend of advertising, internet marketing, media relations, branding and public affairs, the firm handles significant assignments for substantial organizations. Axiom is a category-exclusive firm, which means its clients do not compete with each other. Its clients have been represented by the firm for an average of nine year and Ron Simoncini, Axiom’s president, plans and supervises every program personally.

Axiom has a distinct focus on producing video marketing campaigns, recognizing the power the medium has on delivering messages and telling stories.

“Video is everything right now. People want to watch—not read. The great thing and the horrible thing about this era of marketing is that reality TV and social media have lowered everyone’s quality expectations, so while you no longer have to worry about production values you still do need a plan,” Simoncini says. “There is no recipe for success at this, but as a guideline, whatever you do with video, make sure it reflects your business agenda as well as persona. Attention for the sake of attention doesn’t accomplish a commercial objective.”

Nicholas & Lence, New York, NY

Nicholas & Lence is a full-service Public Relations and Government Affairs Firm specializing in travel and tourism, transportation, F&B, sports and hospitality in the New York City metropolitan area.

The agency is currently representing ReThink Studio, a planning, and design firm that is working on connecting the entire tri-state region’s bus and rail lines into one regional network which will create more efficient connections to and from the Meadowlands.

Noesis Marketing, Montclair

Noesis Marketing provides marketing consulting and management services with the goal of generating more sales. The agency delivers customized marketing tactics to best reach each client’s target audience with content that speaks to their customers’ needs.

Noesis recently worked with a local manufacturer that was investing a large amount in research and development (R&D) every year. They needed marketing strategy and campaigns that would bring in the leads to meet their sales goals and make the R&D investment worthwhile. Noesis developed defined product campaigns with targeted messages to specific vertical market prospects. The campaigns have proven successful and the manufacturer now has new leads from their website, social media, tradeshows and email campaigns every month, which they did not previously.

Finding a partner

With the Meadowlands offering such a diverse mix of PR and marketing agencies there is not always a reason to look across the Hudson for a partner. Finding a partner that can help achieve your goals and your business are critical. Many of the agencies serving the Meadowlands area have an acute understanding of the local landscape, making them ideal partners for your business.

Potential partners for your PR & marketing strategy are available in the business directory of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber at

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