The Annual Friends of Rich Fritzky Giants Benefit: An Evening With The NY Giants

The Meadowlands Regional Chamber (MRC) is proud to co-present The Annual Friends of Rich Fritzky Giants Benefit: An Evening With the NY Giants in support of Rich Fritzky, the organization’s once leader who came down with a horrific disease called Neisseria meningitis—a monster that kills more than 90 percent of those who get it. Fritzky is also the founding editor of Meadowlands USA magazine.

The event will be on May 30, 2018, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Meadowlands Area YMCA at 390 Murray Hill Parkway in East Rutherford. The event will feature John Mara (invited), president of the New York Giants, former Head Coach, Jim Fassel (2001 Super Bowl appearance) our 3 Super Bowl veteran co-chairs, George Martin, Perry Williams and Howard Cross, many other veterans including Joe Morris, Karl Nelson, Harry Carson, Scott Brunner, Steven Baker, Sean Landetta, Zeke Mowatt and more. A fabulous John Policastro-Personal Touch Experience dinner will be followed by a few special presentations, the Introduction of the Players, the live auctions and a hoped for repeat of the John Mara led or new “Chalk Talk” Discussion–concluding with the personal photo and autograph sessions.

Hospitalized for fully 15 months, from Oct. 5, 2005 through Dec. 21, 2006, Fritzky spent three months in a coma and a hyperbaric chamber. He had it two-packed in ice with a fever that daily topped out at 107 degrees and endured many days in surgery. After battling renal, respiratory and circulatory failure, he was rendered a quadruple amputee. The ossification of all of his joints and the extreme atrophy left him without the ability to move at all. Rich had experienced eight months that were devoted to a daunting therapeutic effort to restore life.

“Rich Fritzky was my predecessor and he had much to do with the fact that I have the honor of serving as president of this great Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce today. He led our organization for more than 25 years. He is the one who first placed us on the public-private venture frontier,” says MRC President & CEO Jim Kirkos. “In addition, he established multiple nonprofits and made us the advocacy force for both the business and greater Meadowlands community that we serve today.”



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