Meadowlands LIVE: Region Unveils New Logo & Branding

The Meadowlands Liberty Convention & Visitors Bureau (MLCVB) has unveiled its new brand message of ‘Meadowlands Live’, honoring the region’s legacy in live sports and entertainment. This message is also accompanied by a new logo.

The MLCVB was founded in 2004 and is supported by a state grant from the NJ Division of Travel & Tourism. It is the destination marketing organization charged with boosting the tourism and hospitality industry (which they’ve combined to be ‘hospitourism’) and bringing in visitors to the many tourism assets the Meadowlands has to offer.

“The Meadowlands originally put itself on the map with landmark events in sports and music entertainment. The new branding is aimed at paying tribute to and building on this legacy,” says MLCVB Vice President Judith Ross. “We feel that the ‘LIVE’ element fittingly captures the buzz and excitement happening in the region right now—and for years to come.”

Hospitourism brings jobs, revenue & visitors to the Meadowlands

Hospitourism—including our hotels, retail, attractions, meeting spaces, recreation, sports and entertainment facilities—is a revenue-generating, job-creating, community-supporting and reputation-building industry with a longstanding legacy here in the Meadowlands. It is a growing industry statewide increasing about three percent annually, but it is particularly thriving here in the Meadowlands—more than double the state overall.

Hospitourism by the numbers*

• Approximately $745 million is generated by the hospitourism region in the Meadowlands each year, with the number of visitors increasing annually by 8%

• There are over 50 hotels and over 10,000 hotels rooms in the region

• The Meadowlands Exposition Center has 61,000 sq. ft. of convention space and can accommodate up to 5,000 people for a larger conference, ceremony or banquet

• Visitors drawn to the Meadowlands’ venues, attractions, hotels and hospitality businesses spend $456 million, support 10,700 jobs and pay $233 million annually in taxes to support state operations

• Retail and hospitality combined as one industry is the second largest provider of jobs in the Meadowlands, with over 6,000 organizations and over 55,000 jobs

• Visitor spending supports $466 million in wages for local workers who live locally, with about $158 million of these wages going right back into the local economy supporting real estate, scientific/technical services and healthcare industries.

• Job gains in the tourism industry average about 5%, outpacing the national average of approximately 2%.

The Meadowlands Sports & Entertainment Complex

Many consider the Meadowlands Sports & Entertainment Complex to be the epicenter of the Meadowlands region—home to MetLife Stadium, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment, Meadowlands Rail Station and the potential for so much more.

The economic impact of the complex is major, supporting over 5,000 full- and part-time jobs and generating approximately $65 million in tax revenue, according to a report from Conventions, Sports & Leisure.

MetLife Stadium is home to the New York Jets and the New York Giants, and also hosted the Super Bowl in 2014. The operations of the Giants and the Jets at the stadium bring tens of thousands of visitors to each game and result in direct and indirect financial benefit to the region.

MetLife Stadium is also host to many large-scale events that advance the economy and reputation of the region locally and internationally, including WWE’s WrestleMania in 2013 (generated over $100 million in economic impact), Copa América Centenario in 2016 and more recently in 2017 it hosted the Indian Film Academy Awards, considered to be the ‘Oscars of Bollywood.’ The concerts at MetLife Stadium also bring in revenue and people. Artists performing at MetLife have included Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé, Eminem, AC/DC, U2 Rihanna and more. The concerts can draw as many as 100,000 people and generate a gross revenue of over $10 million in ticket sales alone.

Area attractions

There are plenty of major sites, attractions, activities and events that bring people to the region, including Liberty State Park, State of Liberty, Liberty Science Center, BergenPAC, RPM Raceway, Medieval Times, Hornblower Cruises, Spirit Cruises, Durkan Fencing Academy, Hackensack Riverkeeper, Field Station: Dinosaurs, Meadowlands pontoon/canoe tours, nature walks, heritage sites and over 30 parks in the area.

Thanks to these attractions, millions of visitors come to the Meadowlands region each year and each of those visitors will come in contact with dozens of businesses along the way, both directly and indirectly. Any visitor who comes to tour a local point of interest or attend a local event may also stay in a hotel, eat at a restaurant, shop at a store or take advantage of a local service, such as a car rental or dry cleaner.

Connecting businesses & customers

The Meadowlands Liberty Convention & Visitors Bureau ( is one resource that directs visitors to the businesses nearby the event they are attending or the site they are seeing that will fulfill their entertainment, shopping, social, food and hospitality needs. The Bureau organizes their website based on exactly what visitors want to do when they come to the Meadowlands: Stay, Play, Shop, Meet and Eat. This website also caters to what businesses want when visitors come here. They help visitors learn about the businesses, know how to get to them and to connect with them, whether it be through a room booking, a ticket purchase, a dinner reservation or a simple shopping trip. The MLCVB connects area tourism-related businesses with their potential customers.

Tourists and vacationers—families, group of friends, school field trips, etc.—aren’t the only potential visitors to the Meadowlands area. Conference and convention-goers, business groups and other large parties who choose to host their events or activities in the Meadowlands also comprise plenty of potential consumers and valuable sources of revenue for the region. The revenue brought to businesses in the area as visitors become patrons and customers is an important part of what drives the Meadowlands economy forward.

Tourism has an effect on everyone in the Meadowlands: the government, businesses and residents alike. Therefore, the tourism and hospitality industry is certainly one to keep an eye on for anyone living in, working in, conducting business in or thinking about doing any of the above in the scenic and dynamic Meadowlands region.

*data comes from Regional Impact of Tourism Report by Rockport Analytics, ZoomProspector, The United States Department of Labor, Meadowlands Regional Chamber, Meadowlands Liberty Convention & Visitors Bureau

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