Eastwick College Collects 300+ Pairs Of Socks For Meadowlands Sock Drive

Eastwick College has collected over 300 pairs of socks to be donated to the Meadowlands Chamber Sock Drive. The donated socks came from the college’s Ramsey campus.

Eastwick College generously stepped up and offered to promote the Sock Drive by providing a drop box on their campus and encouraging its students, faculty and staff to donate.

Donations to the Sock Drive will benefit the Bergen County Human Services Center, which operates a homeless shelter and also provides referral services to homeless and housing transitive populations. Many people are surprised to hear that socks for adults are the least-donated clothing items and yet the most in-demand for centers that serve the homeless and housing transitive populations. The combination seems obvious but it doesn’t occur to most donors so unfortunately they are usually in low supply. As the weather cools, the demand only increases.

Last year the Chamber donated over 1,000 pairs of socks and each pair was put to use by someone in need. Your donation will help someone in our area keep their feet warm this Winter so we hope you will consider supporting this worthy cause!

Click here for more information on donating socks or money to the Sock Drive. We will collect donations until November 16.


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