NJ Transit Executive Director Addresses Meadowlands Chamber

The Meadowlands Chamber (MC) hosted NJ Transit Executive Director Kevin Corbett Friday, Dec. 7 as part of its Eggs & Issues Series, providing updates on the installation of positive train control (PTC) technology and detailing the “Engage. Inform. Improve” customer experience campaign.

The agency has completed installed PTC on approximately 95 percent of its trains, up from the 12 percent that had been completed when Corbett took office in January. On Wed. Dec. 5, Gov. Phil Murphy and Corbett announced that NJ Transit would meet the federal Dec. 31 deadline to install positive train control.

Corbett also discussed the agency’s efforts at addressing customer needs, providing more timely information and improving all customer touchpoints including announcements, station and facility conditions and the onboard passenger experience.

MC CEO Jim Kirkos says that transportation issues are of utmost importance to the Meadowlands business community.

“About every single business member of the chamber of commerce is effected by mobility,” Kirkos said. “Our advocacy, which is a major part of what we do, focuses on economic development: transportation investment and mobility. Bringing in Kevin Corbett to talk about transportation with our members is an important information exchange. My job is to educate our members about what is ahead. We are advocates.”

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