SPACE Partnership Opportunity: New free entrepreneurship training with NJIT

SPACE has launched the all-new Brick City Entrepreneurship Training with NJIT to pursue their goal of connecting with and providing community members with substantial resources regarding financial and social capital, cashflow, brand development, networking, partnerships and more.

This BCET program is class led by industry professionals to help trainees become successful entrepreneurs. The course gives room for growing your business while being able to run it at the same time.

While the training program is free, it provides:

  • A captivating one-month experience
  • Foundational entrepreneurial skills
  • 90% digital/online experience
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Access to support and resources
  • 1:1 mentorship

The program is statewide and supports individuals who are under-represented in the high-technology entrepreneurial community.

For more information, please navigate: Brick City Entrepreneurship Training – 2022 Summer Application (

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