Metropolitan Riveters Battle Mental Health While Displaying Excellency on the Ice

The Metropolitan Riveters, a professional women’s ice hockey team based in East Rutherford who play home games at the American Dream ice rink, have been kept busy over the last few weeks with their mental health awareness weekend on Jan. 14 and 15, in addition to recently announcing the selection of nine of their players to the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) All-Star Game.

Their nine selections leaves them tied at first for the most all-star selections with the Boston Pride. The game will consist of 45 players divided into three teams of 15. The three teams, split by nationality, include Team USA, Team Canada and Team World.

When asked about how they felt upon finding out that they were selected here is how some of the players responded.

“It’s an honor. I’m super excited to go and play that weekend. I think it’s going to be a great opportunity to play with other players in the league. I think it’ll be pretty fun to compete and show our fans how much skill there is in this league and how great we are,” said forward Sarah Bujold, who will be playing for Team Canada.

“I’m really grateful and I’m really happy I got selected. I used to play in other professional leagues, and they also had all-star games, and I got selected to them,” stated forward Fanni Garát-Gasparics of Team World. “When I found out that I was coming here I saw that this league also has an all-star game and that was one of my goals for the season, to go to the all-star game. I’m really proud of my country and reaching those big things so I’m really happy about that.”

“It’s fun. It’s an honor, it’s a testament to all the other players I get to play with every day. It’s unfortunate that we can’t take more players, but certainly happy to be included in the group and excited to go up there. It’s always a fun weekend. I always enjoy going,” said forward Madison Packer of Team USA. “You get to hang out with people in a different environment. It’s a lot of fun, so yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

The All-Star Game took place Sunday, Jan. 29. On Jan. 14 and 15, the Riveters hosted a mental health awareness weekend. On Jan. 14, the Riveters welcomed the game’s presenting sponsors, Baker Street Behavioral Health Center, along with two of their members, Drs. Mike Farber and Joe Galasso, who helped drop the puck during the faceoff. On Jan. 15, they welcomed their new partner Mightier, a digital game company that works to help children build emotional strength.

The inclusion of both companies represents the Riveters expansion from old to new, and the increasing number of partners working with the team. The weekend provided Baker Street with the opportunity to focus on the Riveters players mental needs, and ensure that their mental health is where it needs to be. To be able to have an outlet to discuss your mental health is detrimental to building success as a team and as a person.

The goal of the weekend was to spread awareness about mental health, and through the cooperation of their players and partners, the Riveters were able to meet their goal.

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