Bergen County Youth Police Academy Applauds New Graduates

The Bergen County Youth Police Academy recently celebrated its 18th graduating class, a joint effort of the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office (BCPO) and the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO).

The two-week, all-day Youth Police Academy is held every summer for students residing or attending high school in Bergen County. The 2024 Academy was held from June 24 to July 3.

“Youth Academy was such a life-changing and eye-opening experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything… The program inspired me to look into career paths I would have never considered before,” a student said.

The motto of the Academy is “Honor – Respect – Commitment.” With strong emphasis on self-respect, respect of others, teamwork, and commitment to one’s goals, the cadets learn that these attributes can be achieved with focus, discipline, and personal responsibility.

The Academy curriculum consists of educational activities as well as physical training activities with a format similar to what actual police academy cadets experience.

All of the squad instructors are sworn law enforcement officers, and the activities are presented in an interactive, educational, and hands-on manner with the goal of educating the cadets about public service, including law enforcement, emergency services, the judiciary, and county government.