EZ Ride Creates New Program to Make Charging Easier for Electric Vehicle Drivers in New Jersey

For years, EZ Ride has been filling gaps in New Jersey’s public transportation system, helping residents commute between buses, trains and home. Now the company is helping make transportation easier for a new type of commuter: electric vehicle drivers. Electric vehicles have only become increasingly popular over the past few years. EZ Ride is working to accommodate the owners of these vehicles by trying to increase the number of EV charging stations at workplaces.

On Wednesday, July 10, EZ Ride will be holding a short webinar on how to become one of New Jersey’s first organizations recognized as a leader in EV Workplace Charging. The webinar will demonstrate how to apply for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL) certification. In addition to providing an overview of the program, it will also look over the benefits of an EVAL certification, share resources and allocate time for a Q&A session. To register for the webinar, visit www.ezride.org/events.

“More and more EV drivers are expecting to charge up while they’re at work,” says Krishna  Murthy, President and CEO of EZ Ride, “For workplaces who don’t have them, now is the  time to take advantage of all the funding the state is offering to help build them.”

EZ Ride’s consulting role is in line with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s goal of cutting emissions by 80% by the year 2050. The non-profit works to connect New Jersey workplaces with state grant and rebate programs, in addition to making introductions to trusted charging station installers and more incentives. Included in the other incentives is the national recognition that comes with an EVAL certification.

“EVAL is what LEED certification is for architecture. It shows that your company is  dedicated to environmental efforts, which has been shown to help recruit and retain  employees who value those efforts,” says Murthy, “Businesses who want to build charging  stations as well as those who already have them, like apartment buildings, are encouraged to  get certified.” If the certification isn’t already impressive enough, it is also free until Oct. 31.

Another way to help grow the initiative is by signing the Charge@Work pledge at chargeatwork.org. Signing the pledge demonstrates a commitment to increasing the number of charging stations at workplaces across the country.

EZ Ride has made plans to install ten EV chargers in its new parking lot this fall, with more expected to come over time. It is also looking to transition its shuttle fleet from gas to electric over a long roll-out. The first set of five EV shuttles are expected to hit the road by the end of 2024.