Felician University offers professionals the opportunity to complete their degrees virtually

Spending all this time at home is probably starting to feel a little odd. People are doing all sorts of things to keep themselves busy, whether its compulsively reading the news, surfing social media, doing jigsaw puzzles, or picking up an old hobby.

One thing that people seem to be struggling with most is how to use this extra time productively. There’s one option that may sound a little far-fetched but is actually one of the most realistic and productive options out there: going back to school.

Sound like a bad time? Think again

 If ever there was a time to buckle down and put in the work needed to complete your degree, it’s now. At Felician University, there’s an entire online, accelerated program built for adults to complete their degrees. It’s the perfect program for those of us stuck at home, wracking our brains for productive things to do.

The program, which is 100% online, is a Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) and can be done from anywhere, including home. It was designed for adults who have already worked or are currently working in the professional world and want to advance their careers. The curriculum combines liberal arts skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking development with business techniques.

Students learn how to assume managerial roles across varying industries and graduate with the ability to earn more money, acquire promotions, and continue their education—all things to help us bounce back alongside the economy.

Making it affordable

Felician University has been working to offer this program for adults now more than ever, because they understand how individuals and families will need to bounce back after we recover from the current economic decline.

That’s why the tuition for the BPS program is not only 30% discounted, but why you also have the option to earn free credits for your professional experience through Prior Learning Assessment. If you have been working in the professional world for years, you can earn the Prior Learning Assessment credits you deserve for free when you apply before May 18, 2020. It’s a huge benefit when trying to complete your degree faster. Combine this with scholarships, grants, and the ability to transfer up to 90 credits (three quarters of your degree)—and completing your degree becomes a real possibility right now.

You can choose to study at your own pace by taking between one to three courses at a time and the courses take only eight weeks to complete. There’s also an option for you to advance your career while earning this degree: you can acquire professional certificates. The BPS program gives you the option to earn up to three certificates in Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Management. Taking these certificates gives you professional credentials to add to your resume while counting the credits earned toward the completion of your degree. The best part? All three certificates are also 100% online.

Reap the benefits later

Times are tough and there’s no disputing that. But we will come out on the other side of this, with the economy bouncing back alongside us. You’re going to want to ride that wave when things start turning around, which is why working to advance your career now will ensure that you reap more benefits later on.

So if you really are serious about making sure you’re prepared to capitalize on the economy’s rise, and about making the most of your time at home, take the time now to learn more about Felician University’s BPS program: felician.edu

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