mc 50th gala
mc 50th gala

Full Speed Ahead to a Fab Fall Line Up!

The Meadowlands Chamber 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

The Meadowlands Chamber 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

Meadowlands Chamber 50th Anniversary Celebration Continues

While the MC management team tries to take a little time to catch our breath and enjoy the Summer… we have still been busy planning a great Fall series of important events to continue our 50th celebrations.

We recently announced the honorees for our 50th Legacy Awards Dinner: 

  • Gus Milano, Hartz Mountain
  • Peter Unanue, Goya Foods 
  • Jaime Weiss, Weiss Realty
  • Anthony Santarelli, retired President of Mikasa

These business trailblazers played significant roles in the success of the Meadowlands Chamber and the Meadowlands region.   

Introducing the Meadow of Honor

In addition to the four honorees, we have decided to pay tribute to an esteemed list of 50 prominent people who have also shaped our organization and the Meadowlands over the years. 

We will display this very special plaque inside the MCHQ after the awards ceremony. This list will be cemented in the history and legacy of our organization.

A Nod to Our Past Chairpersons

What does it take to succeed as an organization for 50 years? It takes Leadership.. and we have been blessed with outstanding men and women who embraced the mission of the MC and led our organization with amazing distinction.

As a way to recognize our past chairpersons, we will put those names in the MCHQ alongside the Meadow of Honor for all members and visitors to see.

Coming Up: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence – What is it and how can it help my business?

There is much talk about AI in just about every article I read so the MC will present an AI Summit and bring in experts that will show us practical ways of using AI to make better decisions and even help our businesses to grow. 

We want our members to understand AI and not be afraid of it. While it may not be for every business, we should gain the knowledge to understand it.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, Sept. 12, here at the MCHQ.

Thought Leaders Conference – Transportation and Mobility

Each year the 2040 Foundation hosts a Thought Leaders Conference on a topic of major importance to all businesses in the Meadowlands. We use this event to help shape the advocacy that the Chamber takes on.  

This year we are bringing in the CEO of the Gateway Rail Tunnel Project, which is the most significant infrastructure project in the entire country. 

Kris Kolluri will be joined by senior execs from NJ Turnpike Authority, NJ Transit, and Amtrak to talk about projects in our region and how they will address our transportation concerns.

This event will be held on Thursday, Sept. 28.

Relationship Building and Business Learning

As you know, the MC prides itself on hosting terrific networking events. We try very hard to mix up the time and the setting to allow comfortable and enjoyable opportunities to meet new people as that is the best way to build new relationships. 

In this post-pandemic world, I think we all have a new appreciation for being with good people in person. Getting to know new people and building stronger relationships with those we recently met… and like!

So, please visit the MC website ( ) and stay up to date with upcoming events.

Lastly, don’t forget the MCHQ is open everyday for any member that needs a place to get some work done or a fresh place to meet with your team and energize new plans.  Come visit us at 1099 Wall St. West in Lyndhurst.

With great optimism and pride,

Jim Kirkos

Jim Kirkos is the President & CEO of the Meadowlands Chamber, whose mission is to accelerate economic, community and business development by providing its membership with networking & relationship building opportunities; destination & tourism marketing services; business education and leadership training; legislative and public affairs advocacy, and workforce development initiatives to businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors throughout the Meadowlands region.