Genova Burns Welcomes Former NY Giants Lawyer to Firm

Genova Burns recently announced that William J. Heller, who worked as Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the New York Giants, would be joining their team as “Of Counsel”, effective Jan. 2. 

Heller’s experience and expertise in his craft helps him provide the firm with a wealth of knowledge. While serving as General Counsel of the Giants, Heller supervised all legal affairs for the team, overseeing issues regarding the team and their affiliates. Heller’s focus in his tenure with the Giants was Sports Law, which included sponsorships, marketing agreements, labor and employment and privacy issues.

Before working with the Giants, Heller boasted a remarkable 32-year career in private practice, where he served as a partner for two of the state’s top law firms. Heller excels at substantial transactional and counseling engagements, which is what makes him among the best in the world of sports law. Through his decades in the field, Heller has also displayed brilliance in terms of his knowledge on the negotiation and licensing of agreements in technology, internet and privacy.

Heller is also a veteran trial lawyer, having worked cases that range from employment discrimination to intellectual property disputes. In the court room, he has been through it all, from trade secrets cases to copyright vindication for a manufacturer whose work was included in a film without permission.

“We feel so very privileged and excited to have Bill Heller return to private practice under the Genova Burns banner. Having known Bill for decades, I know him to be one never content to rest on his laurels. Bill will contribute greatly to our firm in many ways. We expect Bill will offer a wonderful opportunity to our clients now and in the future by serving as a mediator and alternative resolution counselor that will benefit litigating parties to resolve their disputes.” Angelo J. Genova, Esq., Genova Burns Chairman, commented. “ I have no doubt”, Genova continued, “that Bill will provide an insightful, efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation”.

Heller has been recognized as one of the top lawyers, not just in the state, but across the country. His expertise across a wide range of legal trades makes him an immensely valuable part of Genova Burns and his addition to the team will help the firm provide even better service.