Hackensack University Medical Center Joins Exclusive Group After Acquiring High-Tech Surgical Robot

Hackensack University Medical Center recently joined 13 other healthcare centers across the globe in possessing the cutting-edge Intuitive Surgical da Vinci 5 multiport surgical system. It also became the first center in the tri-state area to acquire such high-level technology. Access to this device ensures that Hackensack University Medical Center can provide its patients with the best robotic surgery to keep them safe.

The center has already begun to use the robot, having treated four patients on Apr. 1 while using the system. The addition of this system allows Hackensack University Medical Center to provide better care for its patients, while also creating a more comfortable workspace for surgeons.

Da Vinci 5’s Revolutionary Features Help Patients and Surgeons Alike

The da Vinci 5 is the most advanced surgical technology currently available, containing more than 10,000 times the computing power and groundbreaking force-sensing technology.

Some of the device’s most beneficial features include:

  • Improved accuracy: The device’s design includes surgeon controllers and powerful vibration and tremor controls, which makes it the most accurate system put out by Intuitive, its creator.
  • High-quality 3D display and image processing: The system has Intuitive’s highest-quality 3D imaging system, which allows surgeons to see more. 
  • Revolutionary force-sensing technology: The device allows surgeons to feel subtle forces exerted on tissue during surgery, becoming the only one to provide this feature. This technology allows less trauma on tissue, which can reduce pain for patients post-surgery.
  • More comfort for surgeons: The system’s newly designed console makes it so that surgeons can alter their positioning, putting them in the ideal spot for both their view and comfort. While their head is in the console, surgeons can adjust anything they need to provide the optimal experience for both them and the patients.

“We strive to provide customers with technology that meets their needs and solves important problems,” said Myriam J. Curet, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Intuitive. “We intend to launch da Vinci 5 more broadly in the U.S. and globally after we learn from and work with an initial smaller number of customers directly.”

The device was provided to a select number of organizations, who had either worked with Intuitive during the product’s development or those with an impressive robotic surgery program. While the product is rare at the moment, the end goal is to make it more accessible to other healthcare organizations.

Hackensack University Medical Center Patients Continue Receiving Top-Notch Care

The da Vinci 5’s design is meant to provide great care, while also helping both parties during the surgery. The system helps patients in a multitude of ways including:

  • Lowering risks of infections
  • Reducing pain after surgery
  • Faster recovery time
  • Smaller scars

The system is located in the Helena Theurer Pavilion at the Hackensack University Medical Center. The center, which opened in 2023, is a nine-story surgical and intensive care tower that incorporates modern technologies into its work environment.

“At Hackensack Meridian Health, we are continually investing in technology that benefits our patients, advances our capabilities and enhances the care we provide,” said Hackensack University Medical Center President Mark Spartan. “Our reputation for robotic surgery excellence, combined with our team’s commitment to advancing robotic surgery, has enabled us to be among the first in the world to acquire and use the da Vinci 5, and that translates to increased robotic surgery options and access for patients in the communities we serve.”

Hackensack Meridian Health was among the first healthcare organizations to adopt revolutionary robotic technology and has been a leader in robot-assisted surgery for over two decades. With the addition of the da Vinci 5, they will be able to provide even better care and boost its reputation.