Hispanic Heritage Month: Spotlight

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Marcelo Galarza shares some inspiring words about his Hispanic background that drives him to become a successful business owner.

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Here’s how my Hispanic heritage comes into play.

I come from a line of hard-working single women that taught me the values of money and responsibility. Starting from my grandmother, who was in charge of making sure we were always taken care of, to my mother, who worked as manager at a small business from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and eventually became a business owner herself. Small values that are sometimes taken for granted, I still apply to my own business because I know how hard it was for them to earn every penny. Being on the other side, I can only feel lucky and proud to live the American Dream, but I will always know my values come from the roots of my native land, Ecuador. As a symbol of my heritage and in honor of where I come from, I’ve included the colors of the Ecuadorian flag, which are yellow, blue and red, into my business logo. My goal as a US citizen is to raise Ecuador’s name. It has been 27 years that I have resided in the US and began growing into the person, son, husband, father, brother and business owner that I am now.

Two years ago, I also started a new venture, as I wanted to keep strong ties with Ecuador, which is when The Enchanted Petal, LLC was born. The Enchanted Petal is a company based out of New Jersey that is dedicated to bringing the finest preserved natural roses and flowers from the center of the world, Ecuador! Made in the USA, we complement the flowers with our luxurious packaging for a unique look. Preserved roses and flowers are 100% natural and real. They can last over a year without the need of water or sunlight, while maintaining their beauty and freshness. It is the perfect gift for any occasion that arrays an everlasting impression.

We invite you to visit our website to find more information www.theenchantedpetal.com.

Marcelo Galarza

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