How Jersey Native Tommy DeVito Defied Odds to Become Among Trendiest Names in Football

Tommy DeVito has been the Giants starting quarterback for less than a month, but he has been able to make the most of his time in East Rutherford, winning over the hearts of not just Giants fans, but football fans across the nation.

DeVito’s current living situation, which involves him staying at his childhood home in Cedar Grove, New Jersey and the classic Jersey Italian look that he sports has earned him a new level of fame. But DeVito’s success goes much beyond the rise to internet stardom, as he has begun to come into his own as a football player, with the Giants currently on a 2-game win streak largely due to DeVito’s success. 

It is fitting that DeVito would become the Giants starting quarterback having grown up just 20 minutes away from MetLife Stadium. DeVito took his football career to the next level in the Garden State by playing high school football at Don Bosco Prep, one of the top football programs in the state, and his career continues to thrive here. At Don Bosco, DeVito earned a spot in the Under Armour All-American Game, as well as being named first team All-State. In his junior year, he was able to lead the Ironmen to a Non-Public 4 state championship, which remains the school’s most recent title. 

DeVito’s high school success led him to being recruited by Syracuse, where he would eventually transfer out of, joining the University of Illinois in his senior year. DeVito’s senior year was impressive enough to draw the attention of multiple teams, as he passed for 2,650 yards with 15 passing touchdowns and 6 rushing touchdowns.

Despite going undefeated, DeVito was still on the radar of at least two different NFL teams, the Washington Commanders and New York Giants. According to DeVito’s agent, the Commanders offered the young quarterback significantly more money to play for them, but DeVito ultimately declined, taking a pay cut to join his hometown team.

DeVito’s decision has proven to be the right move as his local legend status in North Jersey is continuing to grow. After the Giants’ 10-7 victory over the Patriots last week, it was reported that DeVito’s jersey sales increased by 1200%. The $129.99 jersey is currently marked “Most Popular in Men Jerseys” on the Fanatics website. NFL players make two-thirds of the earnings from jersey sales, so it is safe to assume that DeVito has made up the money he lost when choosing not to sign with Washington.

While DeVito’s newfound fame has led to big names in the football world including Pat McAfee, Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce talking about his story, he has remained humble, holding an autograph signing at a sandwich shop in Wayne that was attended by hundreds of fans.

DeVito’s status as a starter currently remains unknown heading into next week with Tyrod Taylor returning, but many believe that he has won the starting job with his performance over the past few weeks. No matter what happens, though, DeVito will remain a fan favorite of Giants and football fans everywhere.