How to boost your company’s talent acquisition through employer branding

In this day and age, with technology and social media governing our society, your company already has an employer brand, whether you realize it or not. An employer brand reveals what it’s like to work for your company. Everything that surrounds your company is associated with your employer brand. In the current job market, your employer brand is critical to the success of your talent acquisition efforts, if you want the best of the best.

Today, employees, past and present, have the capability to post whatever they want to say about you. You have no control over it and one negative comment can ruin your reputation, especially if you do not have a robust employer brand.

Here are 3 simple tips and tricks to build up your reputation and create an exemplary employer brand to help boost your talent acquisition:

Where are you now?

The first step in building a distinguished employer brand and boosting your talent acquisition strategy is to determine where it is now. Going onto the internet and searching through employee review boards is a great way to get a general consensus of where your workplace culture stands. Seeing what your past and current employees have to say about you and your company’s dynamic is a great tool to utilize for improvement.

Another way you can determine where your company stands is by conducting surveys with employees to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Your company’s strengths are something that you will want to capitalize on in your employer branding, whereas the weaknesses must be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

Setting goals for the future

Now that you have determined where your company stands, it is then imperative that you set up goals for where you want your company to be. Instead of letting people online tell the world how your company’s employer brand is, take matters into your own hands and write it for yourself.

Any shortcomings that were addressed in your preliminary research should now be objectives that you want to improve in the future. In addition, it is very important that you set up your employer brand for the future and how you would like to grow your company for the better.

This is a great step in the right direction to building a strong employer brand to enhance your talent acquisition strategy. Setting goals is one thing, but actively changing and improving your company is another.

Building a robust EVP

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the building block to building a vigorous employer brand. For context, EVP is the arrangement that you make with your employees in return for their commitment to your company. This promise includes all the benefits and rewards your employees get from working for you.

Make sure you stress any attributes that make your company stand out from your competitors. Your company’s EVP should draw potential candidates in and make them want to work for you. The better your EVP is, the better your employer brand will be. The right EVP can help your company strengthen its talent appeal even in today’s engaged job demand. Most importantly, a solid EVP will attract candidates that will blend nicely into your overall business culture.

However, do not make promises to potential employees that you cannot keep. If you promise employees multiple benefits but do not follow through, your reputation and employer brand will be tarnished immediately.

In short, improving your employer brand will help your company boost its talent acquisition and make your reputation as an employer better than before. By following these few simple steps, you are on the right track to regain control over how prospective employees view your company, increasing your talent pool and improving your ability to attract candidates to come work for you.