How to properly vet pre-qualified investors for your business

A Neumann & Associates, LLC is a New Jersey-based Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Brokerage firm. In this piece, A Neumann & Associates discusses the importance of investor pre-qualifications.


Once a marketing plan for the sale of a business has been implemented, business investors will respond to advertising and request additional information. Many investors are not right for a seller and – if not identified early – will waste a lot of time, in turn delaying a sale. Ultimately, different types of investors will be responsive to be individually prequalified:


  • Strategic (Corporate) Buyers: This group includes companies from within the industry looking for synergies; these buyers can be suppliers, customers, competitors, or companies which could benefit from expanding into a new market segment or using established distribution channels for their own products.
  • Financial Buyers: This group includes groups such as private equity firms which make acquisitions as investments. These these buyers are usually looking to improve, grow their business and for sell for a profit within a few years.
  • Individual Investors: These people are looking to buy a company to run/oversee themselves; This is more common in smaller transactions.

The goal is to reach a maximum of pre-qualified investors to increase leverage for the seller!

With multiple buyers contacting the M&A advisor, it’s crucial to find out the pre-qualifications of the buyer. It’s also important to determine how interested the buyer is, if the buyer is not in a position to purchase a business or if the buyer is just on a “fishing expedition.”


  • Confidentiality: The more buyers know that a business is for sale, the harder it is to maintain confidentiality. By not adequately screening investors, confidentiality can be breached with negative impact on the business due to a loss of clients and employees
  • Time spent: It is essential that only buyers who have a clear interest and the ability to execute a deal receive the Confidential Memorandum. Usually one third of pre-qualified investors will ask for an introduction with the business owner after reviewing the Confidential Memorandum. If buyers aren’t sufficiently screened by the advisor, the owner will be pulled into a time-consuming process instead of focusing on running the business.


In sum, the proper buyer pre-qualification is absolutely crucial so that no time goes to waste for the seller and the M&A advisor, as well as avoiding any compromising of the business’ confidentiality.


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