March Member of the Month Announced: Eighty6

The Meadowlands Chamber has announced Eighty6 as one of the Members of the Month for March of 2019. The organization received recognition at the March Monthly Networking Meeting with Jay Eagleson and Evan Eagleson accepting the award. The organization will receive additional promotional visibility as part of the package.

Eighty6 will also be eligible for selection of Member Of The Year, to be announced at the Annual Meeting Luncheon in November of 2019.

About Eighty6

Remember your cousin who said they’d build your website and then stopped answering your phone calls? We are the anti-that. Our talents drive us to create beautiful content, and to make sure the right people are experiencing it. None of that can happen without a great working relationship. You’re a human, YOUR agency should be too.

How can we help marketing managers?

As somebody who manages a business’s reputation, both online and in person, you know how much work goes into building strategies and accomplishing goals. We want to help you do all the things you know are possible but are difficult to achieve with limited time and resources. Our years of proven project management and attention to detail will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. Let us show you how.

How can we help small business owners?

Managing your entire business’s online presence is a lot of work. We make it simple. You’re going to look great and be easy to find, and your customers will want to engage with you – a game plan that’s designed to build your brand and your business: