NJ TRANSIT Releases First Sustainability Plan in Honor of Earth Week

To commemorate Earth Week currently taking place, NJ TRANSIT has released its first-ever Sustainability Plan, detailing the steps that the corporation is taking to provide citizens with sustainable and equitable public transportation. In keeping with its 10-year strategic plan, “NJT2030”, the Sustainability Plan more specifically focuses on environmental responsibility and being more helpful overall to citizens in the communities it passes through.

From Tuesday, April 23 to Sunday, April 28, the first 5,000 new customers on the NJ TRANSIT mobile app can earn a free round-trip ticket by using the promo code “EARTH24”.

The Sustainability Plan’s Process

Through the use of its Sustainability Plan, NJ TRANSIT hopes to create goals and measurable checkpoints to help the organization continue growing as a sustainability leader. NJ TRANSIT plans to use the voices of all New Jersey residents in their planning, in particular, those who come from communities that have been previously underrepresented by public transportation. 

New Jersey is made up of a diverse group of people, which is why it is essential that NJ TRANSIT hears from all perspectives while working toward turning its Sustainability Plan into a reality. Surveys, public webinars and group interviews are just a few ways that NJ residents can make their voices heard by NJ TRANSIT. Ultimately, NJ citizens are the ones most directly impacted by these changes, so their opinions are a top priority for the organization.

NJ TRANSIT’s Zero Emissions Bus Program

NJ TRANSIT set a tough goal for itself in 2022 when it declared that its fleet of buses will be zero-emission by 2040 to keep in line with Governor Murphy’s Energy Master Plan. In Oct. 2022, NJ TRANSIT revealed its first of eight battery-electric buses, putting the plan into motion.

Governor Murphy signed a piece of legislation in 2020 outlining his goals to gradually increase the amount of zero-emission vehicles in New Jersey. The legislation calls for:

  • At least 10 percent of new bus purchases to be zero-emission buses by Dec. 31, 2024
  • At least 50 percent of new bus purchases to be zero-emission buses by Dec. 31, 2026
  • 100 percent of new bus purchases to be zero-emission buses by Dec. 31, 2032

Eco Benefits of Riding NJ TRANSIT

New Jersey’s transportation sector accounts for roughly 35% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the state. The majority of these emissions come from people using their own vehicles, proving that a switch to NJ TRANSIT could be a more environmentally conscious decision.

Public transportation as a whole promotes businesses, schools, living areas and an overall more developed neighborhood since there is less need to accommodate for parking spaces. Less space given for parking also gives land more usage, helping provide more infrastructure for the communities it surrounds.