Nonprofit Webinar Series: Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Is your social media making deep and meaningful connections with customers, supporters and your community? In this webinar, led by Jessica Maarek of Red Root Marketing, learn how to effectively communicate your mission by organizing and optimizing your content in order to expand and engage your audience to grow your business – whether you’re in the business of sales, fundraising or community development.

About The Speaker

Jessica Maarek founded Red Root Marketing in 2013 in response to a need she observed in the local business communities of northern New Jersey. Small business owners and nonprofits needed help connecting to their customers, prospects and communities to expand their brand awareness and to get support. Jessica was able to develop a social media marketing approach, rooted deeply in creating community connections, that allowed her to bring awareness to these local businesses in an efficient and effective manner through grassroots and hyperlocal techniques.

Meadowlands Magazine, the official publication of the Meadowlands Chamber and its affiliate organizations, has proudly served the business community of the Meadowlands region sine 1976. We are among largest business magazine in New Jersey (second by circulation) and offer prime visibility opportunities for businesses to connect with potential customers.