Obtaining a Positive Mindset

Let’s turn downfall and negativity into opportunities for success


In this piece, you will learn about how you can flip your negative circumstances in a manner that is actually going to benefit you in both your personal and your business worlds.  


Coming to terms 


Before jumping the gun and proceeding with what would typically seem best during setbacks, you need to be able to accept the negatives that found their way to you. Facing negative situations is inevitable, but what matters is that you can learn to deal with them and understand how they can be avoided. When you learn to peacefully accept the negativity, it will be so much more efficient when articulating a plan that is best for your situation as you will have a better idea of how to curve such downfalls and bounce back from setbacks. Therefore, as you come to terms with what isn’t necessarily going your way, you will find it easier to differentiate what is and is not important in terms of finding success and positivity. Once you feel you have faced your setback and understand what made things happen the way they did, you need to evaluate what factors are going to benefit your journey.  


Applying what’s important to you


After you have successfully determined positive and negative factors, it’s time to make your plan. With this, you will need to implement the facets that which you know are going to help you strive, while also noticing the red flags of the ideas you know would set you back. In this process, it is crucial that you affirm yourself. What you put into the universe will, in turn, occur.  


Talk to yourself and about yourself positively and watch the amazing things begin to unfold. Along with this, it is also important that you learn to say “no” to things that aren’t going to assist your wellbeing. That being said, you will have to be okay with letting go of people, things and even jobs that aren’t suiting you well. Oftentimes, we create such emotional ties and connections with people, places, jobs and so on, even when we know they aren’t good for us, which makes it hard to let go even when it comes to the things that we know we need to remove. It is completely normal. 


However, it is vital that you begin to train yourself to notice these signs and be okay with dodging and removing them.  


Make your space positive


You need to make sure that the environment you find yourself in gives you a good feeling. Whether it be your home or your office, you want to be implementing things that make you feel happy and confident. This might mean decorating your space, creating and hanging a vision board, sticky notes with positive quotes, or maybe even painting your walls a color that brings you happiness.  


On the same note, be sure to surround yourself with positive people. It is not about going out of your way to chase people or to train yourself to live for others, but, instead, attracting beneficial friendships, relationships and other connections. When you can learn to be more and more confident in yourself and your situation, you will notice that other confident people will gravitate to you. As these people make their way to you, you will be able to learn and benefit from them and them from you. 


These connections will be great for your journey and the best part is that you won’t have to go searching for them and forcing them to work.  


Stop waiting for validation from others and, instead, validate yourself


A lot of the time, whether we realize it or not, we find ourselves waiting for those around us to acknowledge our worth. As you give people that entire power to build you up, you are also giving them the entire power to break you down. 


I do think it is good to listen to positive feedback and to give compliments, because it is important that we learn to become interdependent and coexist in an efficient manner. However, learn the boundaries and don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the trap of waiting for the people around you to give you the green light to move forward in your own path. 


It is time for you to approve of your own worth and appreciate all of the beauties in your own life.  


What can you expect for the future?


Don’t expect anything for the future. You won’t be able to fulfill your changes overnight, but you do have control over each day and the ability to use each new day as an opportunity to be a better you. For your healing and for your journey to success, you have to move on from the past and surrender your concerns for the future. The present is where we are and the experience of the present moment is what you should be looking to openly receive.  


Something else to note is to limit your time on social media. We often get caught up in media and technology, looking at other people’s lives. It is not reasonable for me to encourage you to eliminate these facets from your life completely, but use them in moderation. People typically put out images on social media of what they want people to think and see of them, therefore it is not worth getting caught up in the “perfect” lives we believe people are actually living. 


Learn to use social media in positive ways for networking and promoting your products/companies.


Improve and set an example 


All in all, finding your worth and your positive light will be a challenging journey, but it will all be incredibly worth it. You will have days that become harder than others to stay positive, and that is okay. As long as you pick yourself up.


Keep in mind that every single path you take, no matter what, will have its pros and cons. No path is perfect. No life is perfect. However, yours will always be unique to you and unique to your journey. That is what’s important. 


By learning to mend with your negatives and use them as opportunities to learn more about yourself and about others, you can set an example for others to follow. Together we can create positive lifestyles for ourselves and positive environments for others to rely on. In the world we are living in today, we have hit obstacle after obstacle on top of the hardships we face in our personal lives. This makes it even more important, right now, to come together and to create a chain reaction of positivity.  


The last words I want to leave you with here are that sometimes you may feel as though you have hit rock bottom and that you are buried in a pit of negativity. You have been planted. You are facing growing pains, and you are getting ready for the transition that is about to change your life.