Powering payments in the Meadowlands and beyond

Bank Card Systems is helping local merchants digitize and innovate

Company History

Tarek Saheli founded Bank Card Systems in 2002. Since inception, the focus has been on satisfying the diverse payment needs of merchants. The company has achieved this through low pricing and equipment choice, enabling cutting-edge, cost-effective payments innovation. This focus has allowed the company to service merchants across the country.

 Helping Businesses Achieve Resiliency

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Bank Card Systems is dedicated and determined to provide top-of-the-line contactless equipment to keep merchants and consumer safe during these hard times. Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic, merchant businesses have endured hardship and many have to to close permanently. The company makes every possible attempt to provide our services at reasonable prices; these efforts create resiliency and help small business continuation in these hard times of pandemic. Bank Card Systems continues to provide contactless equipment to all of our merchants at extremely competitive rates. The aim is to reduce merchants’ processing and equipment cost.

 Cutting-Edge Differentiator

The company understands the ever-changing Point of Sales (POS) systems are constantly changing within the credit card processing industry. Bank Card Systems focuses on secure transactions as technology changes in the industry. The company takes every opportunity to reduce equipment cost and offer the savings to our merchants. Bank Card Systems has always focused on online credit card processing fees but, because of the huge jump in online transactions, the company has been laying early footsteps into the world of the Internet of Things (IoT.

 Innovative Products and Services

Bank Card Systems has a competitive advantage over many other service providers because of the strong relationships made with back-end processors and equipment manufacturers. The company also a registered office for processing directly with Visa and MasterCard.

Bank Card Systems can offer every POS system on the market; if its not free, it is at the lowest price in the industry. The company also offers free contact list, free WIFI, free wireless, free virtual terminal and free stand-alone equipment to all of their merchants.

Client Portfolio

Bank Card Systems works with both national and local businesses. Many restaurants, and other various small and larger businesses across America process with Bank Card Systems. As well, Bank Card Systems works with many municipalities in New Jersey.


The CEO of Bank Card Systems, Tarek Saheli has served for many years on the board of advisors for Shift4, a top leading credit card processing company. He also serves on the board of advisors for the Meadowlands Chamber.

Awards & Recognition

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bank Card Systems has made a huge effort to support families in the local communities. As a result of the company’s support for the local community during the pandemic, Tarek Saheli CEO of Bank Card Systems was selected by VIPS (Violence Intervention and Prevention Specialists) as the humanitarian of the year in 2020.

While aiding the local community in times of need, Bank Card Systems has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for the past 15 years.

Bank Card Systems is a merchant services provider. The company sets up new and existing businesses to accept credit cards. They also have a vast range of equipment and online processing to fit any business needs and requirements. Bank Card Systems prides itself on quality service and top of the line sophisticated equipment. 

More information can be found at http://www.bcspos.com/ or by visiting 350 West Passaic St. Rochelle Park, NJ 07662. Feel free to contact Info@bcspos.com or 201-226-1777 with any further questions.

Exclusive Program for MC Members

Bank Card Systems, in partnership with the Meadowlands Chamber, has launched a cost-savings Program available only to members of the MC with the aim of rebuilding regional businesses. This program offers exclusive (and guaranteed) savings for any business that accepts credit and debit card payments, as well as access to innovative equipment and mobile technology. To learn more about how this program can accelerate organization’s payment infrastructure, please call the MC at (201) 939-0707.

Executives and Meadowlands Chamber Representatives

Tarek Saheli, CEO

Estella Herrera, General Manager

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