Giants and Jets Face off in Battle for the Meadowlands

After four long years, it is once again time for the Jets and Giants, two teams that share a home field will be facing one another. Both teams enter the contest on a win streak, but only one will keep their streak going after Sunday.

The rivalry between the Jets and Giants has not been lopsided, as the Giants only lead the series by a score of 8-6. Though the Giants have the historical advantage, the Jets have won their last two matchups against the Giants. The public seems to believe that the Jets will pick up a third straight win against the Giants this week, as they enter the game as 3-point favorites.

Last week, the Giants earned their second win of the season over the Commanders, while the Jets re-energized themselves on their bye week. The Giants were led by backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor in their win, but the biggest question ahead of this week’s game is whether starter Daniel Jones will finally return to the field. Jones has been out since Week 5 with a neck injury and is trending towards a recovery, though a Week 8 start seems unlikely. 

The Jets and Giants both have a rich history, spanning the course of decades, filled with Super Bowl wins, MVPs and countless other awards. If you were to rewind all the way back to 1969, you would see the Jets win Super Bowl III, becoming just the second team to ever win the biggest stage in sports.

Fast forward to 1986 and you would witness Giants DE Lawrence Taylor become just the second defensive player to win NFL MVP. Now, the Giants are 4-time Super Bowl champions with football legends like Eli Manning and Michael Strahan playing for them. Meanwhile, the Jets are 1-time champions with Hall of Famers such as Darrelle Revis and Joe Namath highlighting dominant eras of Jets football.

Jets and Giants games always draw a crowd, as the Jets and Giants had the 2nd and 3rd highest average attendance totals last season, respectively, so it is safe to assume that both parking and traffic will be hectic at MetLife this week. Parking passes for the game this week are at a minimum of $140 on Ticketmaster and tickets for the game are starting at $190.

Traffic during gameday is always tough to deal with, but considering that both teams are essentially playing a home game, it is anticipated to be much worse this week. If you plan on attending the game, leaving earlier than usual would be beneficial. An easier alternative is taking the shuttle offered by Redd’s, in addition to using Redd’s Parking, which is a lot less than a mile from the stadium. Tickets for both parking and a shuttle ride come out to $53, while a round-trip, 2 minute shuttle ride from Redd’s will cost $16. To find more information about the shuttle, visit

If you aren’t attending the game for one reason or another, there are still many different ways to enjoy this rivalry. The game will be playing on CBS at 1 pm, but for a more interactive experience, the Meadowlands Racetrack will be playing the game at their FanDuel Sportsbook.