PSE&G, Meadowlands Chamber Talk Energy Strategies with Government, Corporate Leaders

The Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce collaborated with PSE&G and hosted the “Powering Progress: Listening Session” for government and corporate leaders to engage in casual, yet meaningful, conversations on a range of topics, including plans to support the region’s vibrant and robust economy.

The trunk space of Ford F-150 Lightning. Left to Right: Jonce Dimoski, PSE&G Electric Vehicles and Storage Manager; Meadowlands Chamber President and CEO Jim Kirkos; PSE&G Electric Transportation Manager Dawn Neville; and PSE&G Senior Regional Public Affairs Manager Everton Scott.

The format enabled PSE&G leadership to interact with public officials to discuss electric and gas infrastructure investments, PSE&G’s award-winning Clean Energy Future programs, and climate goal strategies.

Jim Kirkos, president and CEO of Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Chamber has established a credible and respected advocacy platform and this meeting is a component of the Chamber’s mission to build essential connections that can be a catalyst to create public policy to ensure the region continues to be a growth engine for businesses, organizations, visitors and residents.”

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Left to right: Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Jim Kirkos; PSE&G Senior Public Affairs Manager Everton Scott; Manager Electric Transportation Dawn Neville; and Program Manager Electric Vehicles Jonce Dimoski.

John Latka, senior vice president of Electric Transmission & Distribution at PSE&G, added, “This was a good opportunity for PSE&G associates to have conversations with key stakeholders in an informal setting and really hear the customers’ voices through their represented leaders. PSE&G focuses on continuous improvement, and it is helpful to get personal feedback on where we are meeting customer needs and where we may improve to address the changes and challenges facing our customers. Communication is key, and an informed customer can be a huge advocate for our business.”

PSE&G followed-up on the “Listening Session” with a meeting to discuss electric vehicle (EV) technology, as well as industry-related issues and customer incentives.

“PSE&G values its partnership with the Chamber and we look forward to working with its members to educate them on EVs and highlight state and federal grants that are available,” said Dawn Neville, manager of Electric Transportation at PSE&G.

PSE&G’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program can offset the cost of installing EV chargers. Residential customers can receive a rebate of up to $1,500 for the costs of installing an EV charger in their homes. Commercial customers can receive up to $30,000 for Level 2 chargers and up to $100,000 for Direct Current Fast Chargers in the form of on-bill credits.

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“Business intelligence is a priority for the Chamber to help maximize productivity and gain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. The Chamber is a strong advocate of critical issues that influence and drive business growth, and we will follow up on this EV session and host a workshop with PSE&G to create a proactive plan for Chamber members,” Kirkos said.

Chamber members interested in learning more about PSE&G’s EV incentives can visit