Swinging to Success in the Meadowlands

InHome Golf is making a difference one simulator at a time

InHome Golf, a golf simulator company originating in 2017 in Toronto, is swinging to success in the Meadowlands and growing fast toward international recognition.

The team at InHome Golf aids customers in determining which simulator technology fits their golf needs and budget. Consultation with clients begins at the concept and design phase and working with contractors follows.

InHome Golf then works with their onsite contractors to pre-build and implement the needed wiring. Upon doing so, the team finishes installing the package with custom impact screens, turf, wall treatments and electronics.

The customized simulator is then complete and operational, ready to be used by the customer.

Such simulators are custom-built for places like indoor golf centers, golf courses as well as business and residential applications.

Why did InHome Golf join us in the Meadowlands?

The Meadowlands is ideal for InHome Golf because of the surrounding business community as well as the abundance of golf courses in the area, according to CEO James Laidlaw.

“The Meadowlands also provides a central hub for our business to reach an affluent golf audience across the entire northeast of the USA,” says Laidlaw.

While the Meadowlands region is a great area for InHome Golf, InHome is also such a great asset to our area. Unlike most companies who push one-size fits all solutions, InHome Golf tailors to the wants and needs of the various customers by putting in the time to build the simulator room they desire.

Golfers have a unique place to practice

InHome Golf strives to meet the demands of golfers.

Those passionate about the game of golf may struggle to improve due to the time commitment necessary. With InHome’s technologically advanced simulators, the practice time is just as up-to-par with usual outdoor training.

There are numerous course software packages that offer an experience to play anywhere in the world in any conditions.

“An InHome Golf simulator will improve your game,” assures Laidlaw.

It’s not just for golfers

InHome Golf’s proprietary screens are super versatile in that they can be utilized as a huge theater for movies, streaming, video games and office presentations among others.

The custom simulators are typically built for residential application for at-home game improvement along with a space to socialize with friends and family.

Alongside residential installation, InHome Golf also installs simulators for a number of companies in their office spaces for client presentations and staff recreation. Another significant area where InHome finds themselves building is at golf courses and indoor golf centers.

Where it all started and where it’s going

The Meadowlands Chamber had been InHome Golf’s first connection to the local community.

Upon opening their Meadowlands location in June, InHome Golf invited the Meadowlands Chamber staff to their showroom opening. With that being said, the InHome Golf staff later decided to attend the Chamber’s annual golf tournament, where they placed 3rd in the ranking tied with the Jets!

Currently, InHome Golf is installing one to two simulators weekly from their recent Meadowlands locations, which has only been during their latest and only three months while positioned in the area. Therefore, this only includes sales from the summer which is the least weighted quarter of the year.

With InHome Golf’s headquarters in Toronto and their expansion to the Meadowlands as their first United States based showroom in June, they plan to continue growing beyond their Canada operations by 3-4 times.

The team is expecting to expand in the United States by moving toward the West Coast and the upper Midwest to target the Seattle and Wisconsin areas respectively. To do so, InHome Golf will be seeking installers, logistics specialists, designers, operations managers and salespeople.

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