The Legend of the Unbreakable Dea

How one girl reclaimed beyond imagination her life and her passion

Author Desi Tahiraj shows school children and their parents how the competencies, resilience and compassion are built so their leadership qualities!

According to recent statistics reported by the World Health Organization, nearly 30 percent of students are either overstressed or victims of burnout, because of fear of their future. Many parents and kids are struggling with their new normal of working and teaching from home. And, while children are at the lowest point of their performance are most vulnerable to the emotional impact of this potentially traumatic experience.

In Desi Tahiraj’s new book, “The Legend of the Unbreakable Dea” we meet one heroine that overcomes unthinkable circumstances. “Dea,” like many other young school children, is just looking for acceptance and the right to live and to find her place in this world. She developed a passion for freedom for all and even though she faced many near-death experiences she never failed to believe that the impossible is possible until she reached the impossible. In “The Legend of the Unbreakable Dea,” Desi illustrates the importance of using imagination, awareness to inspire creativity, passion, and to create meaningful connections and relationships with everyone.

“Dea failed get up and never gave up,” said Desi Tahiraj, “and, also, the person that I sometimes wish I hadn’t been. She teaches problem-solving skills and creates opportunities for connection with others.”

This book is the fourth book and the first of children’s books focusing on three key messages for families. The main character’s growing obsession with compassion. Through a high spirit and gained self-confidence, Dea extended help and reclaim her life and her record high performance. Desi’s “The Legend of the Unbreakable Dea” highlights the importance of self-leadership qualities, illustrates the importance of resilience for social-emotional skills and the foundation of learning for the whole child.

Dea’s Dream became a nightmare,” principles from her life’s work battling the Despair nation problem, as well as those included in her famous performance, and how not adhering to nation them has perpetuated the ills of the nation, producing the continued racial, social, political and academic problems that currently plague the Despair nation. “Dea’s dream contains the goals that must be achieved, as well as the methods that must be employed, to fix what’s wrong and turn it from good to great,” Dea said.

“If someone said, one day, that Dea’s story helped them to deal with their life circumstances and more effective approaches to solutions,” Desi said,” then it would be job done for me.”

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My The Legend of the Unbreakable Dea

By Desi Tahiraj

ISBN: 978-1-7369775-6-9 (available in hardcover, paperback and e-book) Available at Ars & Academic Publishing House Tirana Albania, Amazon

About the author

Desi Tahiraj has an unconditional love for humanity. Her desire to discover new solutions and learn about how to handle life circumstances has allowed that leader to grow and has been with her for as long as he can remember. She has met some amazing people along the way, who have inspired her to use her unique approach and experiences to write stories to share with others. She believes in growing, emotionally, every day, and attempting to take positives from every situation, while keeping a realistic perspective. Desi recently published three additional books, “Fail Get Up & Never Give Up”; “Burnout-What’s Next?” and “Our Human Race” which continue to help the community and society at large. For more about Desi or her books, visit:

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