Tips on How Patrons Can Support Local Restaurants in a Pandemic

How Can You Support Local Restaurants through COVID-19?

As we know it, COVID-19 took and continues to take a major toll on small restaurants. Local restaurant owners have been struggling to keep their doors open, and for most, the struggle became too difficult, causing them to close down. As per ongoing shutdowns due to COVID-19 or even post COVID-19, it is important that we find a way to support area restaurants through these unpredictable times. This pandemic has shown us that each of us play an important role in our communities.

Take time to learn the facts

The first step to being able to support small restaurants is to learn the necessary information. Many people find themselves worried about contracting the virus from ordering takeout, however the CDC did claim that there hasn’t been any evidence to back up this fear. Ordering takeout or delivery does not prove the coronavirus easier to contract than when you go to the grocery store. Along with this, there has been no proof that the coronavirus travels from person to person through food.

Indoor and outdoor dining finally opens

Although restaurant dining is not open completely, there is still progress for such. This means you can still support your local eateries by enjoying a nice outdoor or limited indoor seating. As things are so up in the air right now, it is important to take the opportunity to support area restaurants through dining while it’s available.

Take advantage of takeout and delivery

Some restaurants may not have opened for dining, even though restrictions have been slightly lifted, but they are offering takeout and delivery. Many families have been cooking at home or ordering from common places. It is important to look online, or maybe even take a drive around to find small restaurants that could really use your support. These small businesses need the most help they can get, as each order they receive is a count towards their recovery.

Keep the kitchen demands possible

As you do decide to order takeout from your community restaurants, try ordering during the location’s slow times. They may be getting swamped with takeout purchases at specific times in the day, but this leaves periods of time where the kitchen is not functioning. If you can contribute to this option and order during off-times, you are assisting in making sure that the kitchen demands continue to be possible for the staff

Tip generously

If it is possible, you should leave a nice tip whether you dine in or takeout. Before times like this took over, you may not have tipped when you ordered takeout, but now it is something you may want to consider as this is another way you can help reduce the struggle for local restaurants. Every dollar these small shops can get adds up.

Hop on social media

We now live in a world full of technology which makes it less difficult to spread information. You can use your social media platforms to leave positive reviews and engage with local eateries. The internet gives the opportunity to spread the word about small restaurants in our community and convince others to check them out while keeping physical contact to a minimum.

Still not comfortable with dining in or getting takeout?

Some people may still feel uneasy about purchasing food whether it be dining in or taking out, and that is completely okay. If this pertains to you, don’t worry you can still contribute your support! While you’re at the supermarket or at the store running errands, you can purchase a gift card. By purchasing a gift card, you are lowering contact, yet ensuring a constant cash flow to local restaurants. This allows you to have something to keep in mind for when you feel comfortable enough to order food, while also giving small restaurants a chance to pick themselves up.