Whose responsibility is it?

The following is a note sent to Meadowlands Chamber members on June 29, 2020.
Good Afternoon,
As I begin writing this, it’s 6:45 a.m. on this beautiful Monday morning and I am feeling better about our economy opening…but not great yet! The news of a spiking virus count in the Southern states and California bring into question whose responsibility is it?
I have never been a blame guy and I hate the fact that politics is even in the discussion. So I will simply say it was all of our responsibility to help drive the curve down and it is still our responsibility to practice all of the safe protocols that have been put into place which worked! So let’s march onward with our masks on and let’s not let our guard down because, as I said in my last note, being forced to close again would be disastrous for so many.
Let me be clear: I want our economy open in full so the MC can once again provide in-person learning and networking as we host events and gather members at our new MCHQ.
History will determine who among our policymakers truly stepped up to lead us in a way that was only to help save lives and limit the negative effects on our economy. I refuse to throw stones despite having my personal opinions because there are no playbooks for a crisis like this. Leadership requires pure gut instincts in these moments and, frankly, the actions or inactions by public officials are on clear display.
Let us not sit back and watch from the sidelines. Let’s instead step up and take responsibility for what we do in this region and in our lives to play a pivotal role in ensuring safety and success for us all.
What’s next for the MC?
As we get ready to move into the July 4th weekend, we are solidifying plans to implement our “coming out” party. This starts with our Annual Golf Classic now scheduled for August 3rd at the Glen Ridge Country Club. You will receive a video message next week that will have a few important announcements on what the rest of 2020 will look like. We believe members need the MC now more than ever, as our recent brand messaging asserts. And we also believe it’s time to stand strong as we lead recovery.
I have already shared how the MC is pivoting and prioritizing and I am excited about the future. While optimistic, we fully understand the challenge ahead. Maybe that is what drives us: never giving up and always seeking opportunities for the MC and our membership.
I am so grateful for the many member volunteers who remained close to the MC during this crisis, never wavering in their support and always asking what they could do to help. You will never be forgotten!
Meadowlands Live!…and Kicking
That’s right…the Meadowlands is live and kicking. We are launching our recovery tourism campaign, making sure visitors know all of the destination assets we have in our region. This sector is among the hardest hit so keep an eye open for our digital and social media marketing on Meadowlands Live!.. and Kicking. It will feature our hotels, restaurants, attractions and shopping destinations.
I must end this note where I started. Let us all take responsibility to practice the safety protocols that will lead to rebuilding our economy and recovering lost jobs.
Jim Kirkos is the President & CEO of the Meadowlands Chamber, whose mission is to accelerate economic, community and business development by providing its membership with networking & relationship building opportunities; destination & tourism marketing services; business education and leadership training; legislative and public affairs advocacy, and workforce development initiatives to businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors throughout the Meadowlands region.