Jim Kirkos: My top ten thoughts going into Independence Day Weekend

The following is a note sent to Meadowlands Chamber members on July 2, 2020. 

Managing through this pandemic has me deep in thought on more moments than ever before. During the last four challenging and unprecedented months, I have questioned many things in my mind while working from the MCHQ. But a few things remain perfectly clear to me:

  1. My faith in God has not wavered.
  2. My love for my family and friends has grown even stronger. Becoming a PopPop raises the bar on how much you can love!
  3. Becoming a more effective leader is still my personal quest.
  4. Advancing the missions of the MC and its subsidiaries has tremendous long term effects on many people. Failure is not an option.
  5. While the MC, MLCVB, Meadowlands Media and 2040 Foundation have grown over the years, we must grow taller and stronger. We must remain a catalyst for business growth and an advocate for strong quality of life in this region.
  6. Our investment in the new MCHQ will most certainly be a critical resource for our members post-COVID-19
  7. We must never forget those who have served our country and paid the ultimate price for the freedom and opportunities we enjoy.
  8. We need to respect the opinions of those whose who believe differently, with a sense of humanity and not hostility. This will help us identify and advance areas of common benefit.
  9. America has always been great and the land of opportunity. That is most certainly not a political statement. It’s a fact.
  10. My Dad was a Marine and he taught us to fly the American Flag because we are proud of what America stands for. So let’s celebrate this Independence Day weekend and fly our flags proudly, not as partisans, but as Americans.

May God bless our great nation – and all of us.

Have an awesome 4th of July weekend!

Jim Kirkos is the President & CEO of the Meadowlands Chamber, whose mission is to accelerate economic, community and business development by providing its membership with networking & relationship building opportunities; destination & tourism marketing services; business education and leadership training; legislative and public affairs advocacy, and workforce development initiatives to businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors throughout the Meadowlands region.