African American Chamber Adds New Board Members

The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey added three new members to its governing board of directors.

Dr. Denise ANderson

Dr. Denise Anderson, founder and CEO of Denise Anderson & Associates (DA&A) LLC; William Bowie, President & CEO of Empower Construction, LLC; and Deborah Frazier, Wealth Management Advisor, LRG Wealth Advisors/Hightower.

“Joining this esteemed group of leaders presents an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the economic development and success of the Black community. I look forward to collaborating with fellow board members, leveraging my expertise in the public and non-profit sectors and DEI while engaging in initiatives that will drive equitable innovation and prosperity for minority and women-owned businesses. Together, we will navigate the evolving landscape, fostering growth and resilience in our business community.”

William Bowie

Bowie said he is honored to be on the board and sees this as a great opportunity to “influence positive change, drive growth, and contribute to our collective vision. Together, we can foster an environment that promotes diversity, innovation, and mutual success.”

Frazier agreed, stating she too is honored, adding that the role is something that “aligns closely with my heartfelt beliefs. “

“I am thrilled at the prospect of contributing to the Chamber’s mission, working towards the empowerment of Black businesses, fostering leadership development, and nurturing our communities for a prosperous future.”

Gary Mann, CEO at Jasfel Analytics, is the new Chairman of the Board, and he is enthusiastic about “collaborating with these accomplished individuals in my new role as the Chairman of the Board,” said , CEO at Jasfel Analytics.

Deborah Frazier

“Together, with the continued guidance of AACCNJ, CEO, John E. Harmon, Sr., and former Chairman of the Board, R. Stanley Prater, we will further advance and expand revenue-generating opportunities and strategic relationships for African American businesses in New Jersey and beyond,” Mann said.

John E. Harmon, Sr., IOM, Founder, President, & CEO, AACCNJ said, “I look forward to working with each of our new Directors to design strategies that will derive value for our members and those that invest in the mission of AACCNJ while contributing to the competitiveness of New Jersey.”

About the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

The AACCNJ provides a platform for New Jersey’s African American business leaders so they can speak as a collective voice. The AACCNJ also advocates and promotes economic diversity that encourages a climate of business growth through major initiatives focused on education and public policy. The Chamber serves as a proactive advocacy group with a 501(c) 3 tax exemption, which is shared by the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

New AACCNJ Board Members, Pictured (top to bottom) Dr. Denise Anderson, William Bowie, and Deborah Frazier