Meadowlands 2040 Foundation

The 2040 Council was established in 2009 as an economic development “think tank” comprised of leaders from small to large companies who have invested mightily here in the Meadowlands because they believe in the opportunities the region has to offer. The purpose of this initiative was to discuss “big picture” issues that affect the economy and to collaboratively create a vision plan that advances the region through the year 2040. Topics of discussion include transportation infrastructure & mobility, flood control, education & workforce development, the regulatory environment and overall economic development. Now a full installed foundation, one of the driving goals for the 2040 Foundation is to enhance the local economy by strengthening the workforce and improving the overall quality of life for the Meadowlands community. The 2040 Foundation helps promote awareness of workforce training programs to ensure that our region maintains high quality human capital to meet the needs of growing businesses. An educated and highly developed workforce retains existing companies and entices new businesses to relocate or invest in the Meadowlands.