Giants Legacy Games Bring Return of Classic Field, Uniforms

The New York Giants are once again playing two Legacy Games and will sport uniforms fashioned to pay homage to the style worn in the 1980s and 1990s.

The first game is Sunday, Oct. 22, against the Washington Commanders and the second one occurring on Monday, Dec. 11 against the Packers.

The classic uniform will feature a navy helmet with a scarlet red stripe along the middle, white facemask and classic numbers and decals. The inside of the collar will also feature the saying “Once a Giants, Always a Giants”, which was coined by late owner Wellington Mara.

The uniforms will not be the only change enacted during these games, however, as MetLife Stadium will be equipped with throwback endzone designs, with wall wraps around the field that compliment the aesthetic and color scheme of the era.

The Giants are undefeated in their ‘Legacy Games’, defeating the Bears 20-12 in their inaugural legacy game and tying with the Commanders in the second game. The Giants will look to take the victory over Washington this weekend by channeling some of the success these uniforms were able to give the Giants decades ago.