Goal Setting: Your Top Priority

What do you want to be? A question I frequently ask, but often do not get a clear answer to.

A primary goal for you should be the ability to answer that question for yourself. Unfortunately, most people have dreams, but not real tangible goals with a due date.

Realizing your goal of what you want to be is achieving someone worth becoming. The most important benefit of setting goals is what you do and the person you become in the process of achieving your goals.

Goal setting is converting your dreams into reality with a time table and exact actionable strategies. Setting goals provides a long-term vision for your life.

Goal setting is planning your future by determining where you are now, where you want to be and by when, and then, most importantly, developing the month-by-month, and year-by-year, strategies to get there. 

Most people dream of living a more successful financial, emotional, spiritual, and physically healthy life. However, very few actually determine and plan how to achieve those dreams. They let someone else control their destiny.

Today we are caught up in smart technologies. Maybe you should apply the “smart” concept to your personal goal setting.

  • Specific. Your goals need to be specific. Ambiguous goals produce ambiguous results.
  • Measurable. Your goals need to be actionable and measurable.
  • Attainable. Your goals need to be attainable, not so high that they are unattainable.
  • Realistic. Your goals have to be realistic so that you are capable of reaching them. 
  • Timely. Every goal has to have a time frame associated with it. A dream is a goal with a timetable in place for the purpose of labeling dates to reach achievement.

The famous basketball star Magic Johnson said: “you have to dream it to do it”. He certainly is the epitome of someone who converted his dreams into a successful reality.

Get started today by writing down your dreams and converting them into your career plan.

Your career plan is your personal business plan.

Robert M. Donnelly is an author, educator and brand builder for businesses and individuals. His consultancy business is called DoctorBusiness.com. His corporate life was spent in executive positions with IBM, Pfizer and EXXON and then as the CEO for several U.S. subsidiaries of foreign multinational firms. Professor Donnelly is on the faculty of Saint Peters University as well as Rushmore University, a global online university. His latest book is Personal Brand Planning for Life, available on Amazon. He also functions as an interim executive. You can contact him at rmdonnelly@aol.com or visit his website at DoctorBusiness.com.